Are you Designing Your Own Wedding Rings?


When it comes to deciding what kind of sparkler you’d like to say “I do” with, the possibilities really are endless. Would you like diamonds or a semi-precious stone? In gold, silver, platinum, titanium or even wood..? How about some custom engraving, or even an antiqued finishThese days, the only limit is your imagination!

If you look hard enough, you can pretty much get anything your heart might desire made into finger candy. Which is awesome, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming. Which is why I am thrilled to introduce you to the fabulous Joseph Jewelry today. They want to help guide you through the process.

Based in the Seattle/ Bellevue area, they specialise in custom jewelry design, specifically custom engagement rings (oooh so many pretties!) If you’re not local, there’s no need to worry though, you can work with their online designers to design your dream sparkler from wherever you are on the planet!


They use state-of-the-art computer software which makes it super easy to track the progress of your ring too. And, if the idea of starting from scratch is a little daunting, you can begin with one of their beautiful existing designs and make little tweaks in order to make it perfect for you.

“We do all of our work on-site”, they told me, “so we are very flexible with due dates. With the custom design process, the more time you can give us, the better it is for everyone. When an order is placed, you can expect the initial design in 7-10 days. Once a design is approved, we would like to get 3-4 weeks for production, though we could produce most custom pieces in a matter of days, if necessary.”

So what do yo think? Would you be brave enough to design your own engagement ring?



  1. Victoria Phelps

    Looking at my hand and seeing a stunning piece of jewellery and knowing that I am the only person who has one is really special and I would definitely recommend it.

    My engagement ring was custom made for me by an AMAZING goldsmith. You can see my ring on her website which is

    She’s really talented and although my engagement ring was a (wonderful) surprise designed by her (and a little help from my fiancé), we are now designing my wedding ring which I know is going to be just as beautiful.

  2. Alexia Smith

    My fiance designed my engagement ring and it was made from stainless steel by a 3D printer. It certainly is one of a kind. Hilariously he recently looked at it and said it didn’t look at all like an engagement ring and he should have done more research. I LOVE it.
    We’re getting wedding rings done the same way. Winner.

  3. aluka

    My boyfriend designed my engament ring. His sister designs contemporary jewlery. It is silver, with a labyrinth engraved all around the ring (my favorite movie is Labyrinth), and an antique-cut diamond (from before the 50s, so I hope it is not a conflict diamond).

    I absolutely love it and I’m beyond words to describe how happy I am that my boyfriend chose to have it done this way, and that my sister in law made it.

    A friend of mine took pictures of the ring, so the whole design and elaboration process was documented, and my boyfriend proposed to me at the beach, on a dock. Before that, I went to get some drinks to the bar, so he asked a security guard of the hotel to be at the dock so he could take a video of the proposal. I had no clue and it was one of the most beautiful surprises of my life 😀

  4. Stacey Roh

    “Gemvara also does custom rings.”

    Ya but their quality is not that great.

  5. briony

    My fiancee designed my engagement ring and my dad made it for me – I absolutely adore it. We’ve just made our own wedding rings together too, with help/support/workshop space/general sanity-maintainance from dad – it’s a really precious experience to have a part in designing/making the jewellery that you intend to make part of your skin/soul, rather than wear as an accessory. Would really recommend.


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