20 Ways to Keep Your Facebook Page Active

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Like most small business owners, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. We might all moan about whatever new development they implement next, but it is still, by far, the social media channel that brings the most traffic to my blog, and the one where the most reader engagement happens. Although the reach of your page may be decreasing due to whatever it is Facebook is up to at the moment, it is still a vital tool for any small business owner.

Here are 20 easy ways to keep your page active. The key with Facebook, or any social media outlet really, is to post things that your fans will want to engage with. Don’t just use it as a place to spam your latest business updates or blog links. Using a mixture of these ideas will help to naturally engage your fans, and over time, up your overall reach.

1. Update it regularly (at least daily)

2. Post funny, shareable memes

3. Ask questions

4. Run a contest

5. Share sneak peeks

6. Post funny, real life, stories that your audience will relate to

7. Post inspiring quotes

9. Engage with other people’s pages

10. Start conversations

11. Vary the lengths of your updates

12. Share trivia

13. Re-post old blog content

14. Run opinion polls

15. Share news stories

16. Give your fans special offers/discounts

17. Post infographics

18. Include videos

19. Remember who your audience are

20. Use Facebook Insights to post when your fans are online

Your Facebook business page can provide you with so many amazing opportunities if you know how to manage it properly. Cultivating a community is not just about sharing links to things that help you, it’s about posting things that will engage them. Creating a lively online community is a lot of hard work, but without one, building your business will be a whole lot harder.


  1. Fantastic tips – I’m really new to FB with regards to my blog page, so I’ll definitely look into managing it properly using your advice! Thanks, Kat!

  2. These are great ideas, Facebook pages still wind me up though. It’s something like only 2% of your audience see your posts (unless you pay to promote them). If you look at the average likes you get on a post compared to how many likes you’ve got for your page it’s ridiculous!

    It’s worth also asking your audience to add you to their interests lists or click the button so they get notified when you post. I do it for a few pages I really like otherwise Facebook just decides for me what pages to show in my news feed and I miss loads.

  3. Great post as always Kat. Number One is the key. Post regularly and be versatile. Something I haven’t done in a while.

  4. I’ve learnt (from managing a Facebook page in my day job) that it’s not a one size fits all solution. Take time to see which posts your fans engage with most (you can do this through insights) and give them more of that. It’s not always the sexy stuff that they’re into. Sometimes they prefer the geeky, nerdy, itty bitty details. Give ’em what they want, keep ’em coming back!

  5. Gemma

    Brilliant! I’ve bookmarked this to read again for ideas, really struggle with my page as I’m an artist and full time mum so sometimes find it hard to provide regular pics of my work, these are great ideas to remind people I’m still here and keep them interested 🙂 thankyou so much for sharing! XxX

  6. Thankyou Kat x
    Was worried my likers just didn’t like my page anymore but it seems to be a problem for many businesses!
    Stephie x

  7. Thanks for the great tips! It’s harder to get views now and you’ve got to think hard about what you post so you don’t spam people, that is if they do happen to get viewed.

  8. Facebook has changed it’s paradigm so that if you are NOT paying for ads, your content isn’t going to be seen. Also, your likes will dribble away if your audience is NOT engaged. These 2 Facebook Facts mean that you have to be on your A game and invest in FB {still the least expensive form of advertising on the planet!!} to keep and grow your audience.

  9. Hi Kat!
    Loving your blog!
    This is super helpful for me, Im just starting out with my own business facebook page (Im a photographer and also just watched your interview with Lisa Devlin about blogging and gave myself a virtual slap for not commenting on other blogs when I like them, seems so obvious when someone says it!)
    Do you have any views on promoting a Facebook page/ paying for adverts?
    Thanks so much and Happy Monday!
    Julie x


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