What is Your Purpose?

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You are not how many Twitter followers you have, Facebook likes you’ve gained or the emails sitting in your inbox. You are not more important when you’re busy or in-demand. You are not the money in your bank, the expensive clothes in your wardrobe, the house in the right area or the fancy car in the driveway.

The people you help, the lives you touch, and the gifts you give back to the world, that is what matters.

For a long while I thought that my purpose was just to help share wedding ideas… which felt quite superficial and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. But more recently I’ve started to realise that what I really, truly, want to do is to be able to inspire people to be themselves. I want my readers to feel empowered and to be proud of who they are after reading my site. I want to show people that they can have the wedding, life and career that they really want. I want to write things that help people to get there.

Finding your purpose is about using your skills, whatever they might be, and seeing each day as an opportunity to improve the lives of others.

You might photograph weddings, but your purpose could really be to make people feel beautiful when they look at your images.

Maybe you’re a graphic designer, but your purpose is to help your clients express who they really are through their online presence.

It could be that you design wedding dresses, but your purpose is to make every bride, whatever shape or size, look and feel utterly stunning.

So tell me, what is your purpose?



  1. YES! YES and YES. I think my ultimate purpose (or I at least hope my ultimate purpose) is encourage people to live a more simplistic life.

  2. Helping people that struggle with moneyproblems, and to show them a small income does not have to mean you have to give up on the things you love (like travel). I open up, share my story, and hope people will not be as lonely as I was when I first struggled with this. I want to show my readers that travel IS possible on a tiny budget, and it does not mean it’s not great or fun 🙂

    Amazing post Kat. You’re right. Too often I let my selfworth be dictated by stupid things such as likes or followers. That’s not what mattes 🙂

  3. I want to help people feel beautiful in their own skin. There is beauty inside all of us and while it’s not all about your physical appearance, finding and highlighting a person’s favorite parts and giving them the confidence to share that with the world is a very fulfilling thing.

  4. I’m still on my journey to find my purpose. Since attending Blogcademy, just over a year ago now, I’ve come so far since and know the things I work hard for WILL happen and I will see a return on my investment. Not just financially, but seeing people happy through something I have provided them.

    That’s my purpose in life actually, to do what I know and love and to be the best I (capital I) can be 🙂

  5. Jenky

    I’ve read this blog for nearly three years but this is the first time I’ve really felt a need to add my own comments….just wanted to say a massive thank you for this post!!! My husband and I have been fortunate enough to find our purpose this year (rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming street dogs) just need to get some money together first. I hope that others reading what you’ve written will also start thinking about it. We really are here for such a short time so we all need to stop existing and start living!

  6. I set up my business because I got no satisfaction from my day job – I love looking after people, making a fuss of them, making them feel special, and making them smile – and that is exactly what I try to offer 🙂 I make hideously yummy, calorific cakes, We rent out Rusty, our Splitscreen VW (that REALLY makes people smile) and all sorts of other cheerful, colourful, fun things. I love knowing I’ve made someone smile! Oh, and it’s all recycled, and that feels awesome!

  7. My purpose (or what I hope it is) is to help and encourage people to relax at a time that can be stressful, to have fun and get back in touch with their inner child by guiding them through craft activities, making lovely things. And because I get a massive kick out of it, I guess my purpose is having fun 🙂

  8. Miss Bug

    I am currently stuck in a rut trying to discover my purpose. I work a job I hate because I have bills and a mortgage to pay.

    I am considering trying out a jewellery course in a means to try discover if I have a talent at something I I can do with my hands.

    I want to be self-sufficient and try making money by working from home. But I need a skill for this to happen. One I haven’t found yet.

    I follow so many inspirational people and would love to be able to create my own products in order to earn a living.

    Waiting to discover my purpose! Whilst trying to stay positive 🙂

  9. “You are not more important when you’re busy or in-demand.” I really, really needed to hear this! Thanks Kat!

    Trying to find my purpose… I think I just want to help people (esp. women) through struggle with a sense of humor and creativity!

  10. My purpose is too use my creativity to inspire others. Whether it is through flowers (I am a florist with a difference) or The Arts. I am in my 4th and final year to complete an Education Degree and am especially interested in being a creative practitioner. The Arts are so important and I love the inclusivity it creates in the classroom. I wish a wonderful creative happy life for all young people, but for some reason it is the disengaged, minority groups, or special needs young people that are drawn to me, and me to them. Creativity knows no boundaries. The Arts are a great healer, source of inspiration and worthy career for all. I feel both my floristry, creative side, kind nature and degee with culminate into something truly amazing in the near future. That is my purpose, that is why I am so driven. (Thank you to my little family who share and support this journey)

  11. Bonjour!
    Tout d’abord je voulais te dire a quel point tu es une fantastique découverte pour moi! Au delà de laisser de la place a ceux qui veulent un mariage qui leur ressemble, tu es une vraie source d’informations pour l’entrepreneur creative que je suis. Pour ma part je pensais fabriquer des objets pour aider les gens a dire aux gens qu’ils aiment qu’ils les aiment…mais en réfléchissant a ta question mon vrai but et que les gens montrent ce qu’ils ont de plus joli en eux.

  12. Love love love this article! My purpose as a photographer (primarily family) is for the children especially to be able to look at beautiful happy images from their childhood and know how much they are loved.

  13. Simples for me – making my couples happy, really happy with their photographs and giving them a special and respectful experience from their first contact with me.

  14. Ashley Rae

    I find that my heart feels warmer when I help someone – a little old lady to find where she’s going at a massive hospital or giving a homeless and hungry man a hot portion of chips (it’s small, but it makes a small difference!), making someone feel good about themselves or their life; and especially in people who face difficulty in other ways than the ‘norm’ – people with learning, physical or mental disabilities, who struggle to understand life and people.

    It is that ‘especially’ warm feeling I get in helping people with learning or other disabilities (being the underdog, in a way) that makes me want to become a Clinical Psychologist. I want that platform to make a change in a) people and families’ lives b) to society – Government policies, to improve possibilities for these people, who often don’t know how to use their own voice. <3

    Love this post! xx

  15. Lindsey Sealeaf

    My purpose is to be happy. Happy with my life and all that I am. Happy that my nearest and dearest are content. Happy that I can continue to do what I love and have the benefit of getting paid for it.

    I am one of those lucky few to have an incredible family. An amazing husband to be (6 weeks to go – eek), 3 beautiful daughters, a baby bump (an unexpected alteration to my wedding dress there!) and working an incredible job with incredible people.

    My purpose is to continue to keep all those around me happy. To make them smile. To know they sleep without worry or stress.

    It’s the simple things really

  16. Mmmm .. as a 66 year old, I’m not sure what my purpose is!!
    As a daughter, wife, mother, grandma, sister, auntie, friend, 40 years as a primary school teacher, part time assistant to my husbands photography business I have touched many peoples lives and been touched by many people 🙂
    I don’t really think about my purpose – whatever my ‘role’ I life I have tried to be with people how I would like them to be with me, showing kindness, understanding, non judgemental, a good listener.
    I am optimistic as much as possible, tackle things as they are thrown at me and now as I am ‘retired’ with my children grown up ( although two are back home again – another of life’s challenges!!) – and my teaching years behind me – I am busy re-emerging as a graphic designer!!. Something I have wanted to do for a long time but it never happened … but now I can’t get enough of it and just love working with my brides to be to create a very special wedding aisle runner with their own personal verses and designs. 🙂 xx

  17. I think I’m kind of a hunter gatherer. I love bringing people together to share ideas and create a sense of community. It’s taken me a long long time to fell ok with that and to start creating events and spaces for that to happen. But it just feels pretty fantastic when I do. That feeling that you know when it just feels good. Rambling way too much here!

  18. I believe my purpose is to live passionately and courageously and to make pretty and playful things that unite people and inspire them to live to the full and dream without limitations.

  19. Hi Kat,

    This article really resonates as we had the same feelings a few months ago. We make luxury lingerie accessories and we couldnt quite work out how we were going to make a difference in the world with nipple tassels! Then we expanded our range to femme centric, pro pleasure boudoir accessories and the past 3 years of talking to lots of ladies and gents about their problems made sense. There are some worrying statistics on how many women are satisfied from a pleasure aspect in the bedroom and so our purpose is to change that through spreading a pro pleasure message and designing products with females and experiencing better sexual ceremony in mind. Im so pleased we have a purpose now because it is shaping what we do and has given us the power to know that the message is the most important thing and now we have emporiums like Coco de Mer behind us the sales will come.


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