Hip French Nightclub Wedding: Elisabeth & Benjamin

Celine Hamelin Photography

March 15, 2014


After a city hall ceremony, Elisabeth and Benjamin’s beautiful French wedding was held at Bizz’Art Club in Paris, They wanted a cosy day that was comfortable and enjoyable for all their guests.


“We tried to do something cosy and friendly with a bit of retro decorations and a lot of good music.” wrote Benjamin. “We started the reception with the concert of our friends and family! During an hour they played together our favourites rock and pop songs. They created a band just for the occasion! It was awesome and was probably what most defined our wedding – both side of friends and family had a great time together like one unique family!”


“We don’t usually like to spend a lot of money so Elisabeth made the invitations herself. We also saved money by finding all the decorations like the old carafes, candlesticks and wood chest at thrift shops and house sales. But we splashed out on our clothes, the food and the live concert because for us they were the main things, and it worth the trouble! The car was loaned to us. There was a cute car parking close to our place and we saw it every day, so we left a letter on the windshield and the owner call us back and let us use it for the wedding day!”