Does Your Business Have A Secret Recipe?

Emma Case Photography

February 11, 2014

kat and gareth williamsby emma case

Do you ever wonder what it is that makes one blog memorable and recognisable and another seem like they’re going through an identity crisis every other week?  Do you ever look at a photograph and instantly know who took it? Or see a dress and immediately know who the designer was?

The reason for this is consistency. If you can look at something and without delving any deeper know who the creator was, then they have not only managed to hone a strong and identifiable brand, but have carved out a consistent formula, or secret recipe, for their work.

Having a secret recipe and being consistent isn’t about being boring, repetitious or uncreative. It’s about having some parameters in place in which you create your best, and most recognisable, work. Monet was known for his landscapes and impressionist style. You didn’t see him painting the Water Lilies one day and a fire-breathing dragon the next. Being consistent will help you to fortify and solidify your brand. That’s not to say that your style can’t naturally evolve over time though. In fact it most certainly should or you’ll end up getting bored and your work stagnant.

Sit down and ask yourself what it is that makes your content/ designs/ imagery unique. If you’re a photographer, do you use the same few Photoshop actions each time? Or the same favourite lenses? If you’re a graphic designer do you use similar styles of fonts, layouts and colours or do your designs change dramatically from job to job? If you design dresses do you favour a certain silhouette, fabric or cut? Do you have a signature motif or design that you are known for?

This week I’d encourage you to look back over some of your recent articles, images or designs. Look at them one by one and then as a complete set. Do they look like they all came from the same person? If not, why not? What are you doing consistently and what are you mixing up too much? What parameters can you set for yourself to make sure your work is coming across in the way that you really want it to? 

So tell me, what is your secret recipe?