Get Your Glitter On: Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory Headpiece Collection!

Crown & Glory Rock n Roll Bride Collection cover

I’ve been a Crown and Glory obsessive ever since I first saw her beautiful pieces on the pages of a glossy magazine. I distinctively remember being sat on a busy train flicking through Company and being stopped in my tracks (boom, boom!) as I saw her gorgeous flower crowns and glitter bows in one of their fashion editorials. So not to forget to check them out online later, I snapped a photo and tweeted “Note to self, check out @crownandglory_!”

After a few months of tweeting back and forth, Sophie and I finally met in real life at a workshop I was hosting. When she came in with that flash of purple hair, giant glitter bow plonked firmly on her head I knew we were kindred spirits.

Crown & Glory Rock n Roll Bride Collection 039

So, about six months ago, when an email pinged into my inbox from her asking if I’d consider designing a range of headpieces with her… well, she didn’t have to ask me twice! She basically told me to let my imagination run wild and that she’d take care of making it a reality. Talk about my dream job!

I have been in my element with this project. An ombre glitter bow was my first idea… I’m obsessed with ombre anything and well, anyone who knows anything about me will be well aware of my infatuation with all things sparkly.

Crown & Glory Rock n Roll Bride Collection 310

As it was Sophie’s flower crowns that first made me fall in love with her work, I knew we had to have a few in this range too. Firstly, a giant rainbow piece made of amazing multi-coloured foam roses and secondly a slightly softer piece, complete with ribbons and gemstones for some added sparkle!

Crown & Glory Rock n Roll Bride Collection 203

I loved those gems so much that I asked if we could make some headbands just with them in a graduation of colour. I was utterly thrilled when she said “hell yes!” I just love how these start with the darkest shade in the middle and go through different hues of the same colour right through to the end. These babies let off some serious sparkle in the flesh!

Crown & Glory Rock n Roll Bride Collection 267

And ears… well no collection of mine would be complete without them. My first idea was for some ‘subtle’ (ha!) lace ones. Obviously with the majority my readers being brides-to-be I’m particularly hoping that some of you might be brave enough to rock these on your wedding day… pretty please?! It would literally make my year to see a bride walking down the aisle in them!

Crown & Glory Rock n Roll Bride Collection 465

“Could we combine flowers and ears?” I then asked Sophie. “Well I’ve never thought of that before”, she replied, “but let’s give it a good go!” I am so obsessed with the results of this idea. Cuteness overload!