You Are Good Enough


I know what you’re thinking every time you press publish on your latest blog post, share the last photo you took or upload your latest design… please someone like it, please someone favourite that tweet, please won’t someone share the post or say I did a good job… please someone care. ย You want to be popular. You hate that word and the fact that it matters, but for some reason you still really crave it.

I know you do it because I do too. Every single time. We are desperate for validation, even if we don’t want to admit it. It’s why we share things online after all. We want someone else to say we did a good job or that we have a talent because inside we’re all deeply insecure. ย We’re worried that some day soon people will find out the truth. That we’re really just winging it, that we actually don’t really know what we’re doing and that we’re making it all up as we go along.

Let me tell you something, you are good enough. Not because someone else tells you so, but because you try. You are good at what you do because you put all your effort in and you’re brave enough to share it with the world. You don’t need someone else to tell you that you did a good – or bad – job. You are enough.

But still you look at other people and ask yourself “How can I compete when there are so many other crazy talented people doing what I want to do?… They’re so much better than I could ever be…ย I’ll never be as good as them… I can never match up” and in some ways you’re absolutely right – you can never be them, but similarly they can never be you.

You are a true original. You can not be copied, replicated or imitated. So stop comparing yourself and stop wondering what everyone else will think. Stop looking for that external validation. Trust your gut, follow your instinct. Go and do you.

You have something different, special, authentic and honest to offer the world because no-one else has lived your life. You are good at what you do. You are good enough.



  1. A very apt post for me to read this week! I so look forward to these little pieces of wisdom and advice. They keep me going on my little journey… Thanks Kat! x Ps. EPIC hair in that photo.

  2. Sarah

    Thankyou to whoever wrote that. You just made me feel so much better after a shitty few days <3

  3. This will sound so weird.. But I needed to read this.. I honestly don’t know where to start, or if where I have started was the right thing… arhh its all so confusing..

    SO thanks.. x

  4. i’m seriously just sat here thinking whether to presse publish on my latest post…are the pics too boring/am i too boring…etc. etc. think this might have just answered it! diolch gorgeous xxx

  5. Dee

    You are on the money with this one.
    “Today you are you, that is truer than true.
    There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

  6. Shannon

    Thank you kat… Brilliant post need to save this so can read it each time I feel insecure about something…

  7. Ohh… the things we could accomplish if we weren’t afraid of what others would think!
    Why do I do what I do? Because everyone else was too afraid!

  8. Wow Kat, that seriously made me cry a little. I felt like you just emailed me this LR seething and you were directly talking to me. Thank you so much for giving this push. If really is hard to feel like your good enough sometimes…

  9. Samantha

    Wow u needed to hear this at the exact second I read it! Thank you so much!
    Spot on, encouraging and heart warming
    Thank you

  10. Unico

    Thanks for this one. Now i will sing my songs to God who made my vical cords unique with more security in my heart Thanx God bless YOU

  11. Thank you for this post!! I will bookmark it for those dark days when I feel totally alone and stuck in front of my screen with no clue as to why I keep going.

  12. Veronika

    I’ve never read this blog before, and only did because a friend shared the link. I am so happy I did.
    I’m a senior in college for Design and I feel this way all the time. I’m so scared to graduate because I don’t feel ready for the “real world.”
    Reading this made me realize I’m not the only one that thinks like this. And I’m never going to be ready, I just have to go for it and trust myself that I did the best I could.
    Thank you. X

  13. It always seems so profound to me to read when someone else feels the exact same way I do. But, of course we do. You said it perfectly. We all end up comparing ourselves and doubting ourselves at some point. Thanks for writing it down. Made my day!

  14. nicolichka

    what a lovely post. as a lot of other people are commenting, i needed to read this today! as a teacher, i doubt my ability to do a good job every day and today was one of those days in particular! thanks kat. love your work xx

  15. EVERYDAY I am inspired by you and your post. This one really hit home today with my crazy week and all the situations that made me question my talent. Thank you for making me realize I am not alone and that I am original and that I try so hard…how could I not be good enough? Luv u Kat~~~~

  16. Kayleen

    I believe I was meant to read this today! I have been having inner battles with myself lately.
    Thank you.


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