Should You Wear a Short Dress on your Wedding Day?

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I’ve known dress designer Tobi Hannah for years. We met at a wedding show and hit it off instantly. She’s one of those incredibly inspirational, self-made business women who, as soon as you meet, you want to be her best friend.

I’ve followed her journey eagerly since then. From designing dresses for celebrities and custom crafting beautiful gowns for brides up and down the country from her Marble Arch studio. But Tobi really found her passion when she started specialising in short wedding dresses. While she loved designing the longer gowns, it was the knee skimming ones that really got her creative juices flowing.

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This year, Tobi has decided to take that passion and share it with as many people as possible – through her self-penned book, The Short Wedding Dress. This hardcover beauty is fit to bursting with wedding ideas, dress inspiration and eye candy galore!

The book takes it’s reader on a journey, starting with the inspiration that fuelled her passion (from the 1920s right up to the present day). There are profiles of celebrity short wedding dress fans and the book finishes by showcasing some utterly beautiful real life brides.

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“When other women express their anxiety about going short it’s often because of what people will think rather than what they really want”, Tobi wrote for The Guardian newspaper recently. “I point to Audrey Hepburn and Yoko Ono as examples of how to do whatever you want, go short and look fantastic.”

“Your wedding day is a time to show your friends and family the love between you and your significant other through the merging of your lives. This is not the time to experiment or to try to be something you are not, because you simply won’t feel comfortable. Your wedding dress should reflect as much of this as possible.”

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The Short Wedding Dress is full colour and meticulously detailed. If you’re planning on having a short wedding dress yourself, or are still looking for some inspiration, you simply have to nab yourself a copy.

The book is available for purchase exclusively through, costs just £25 and can be shipped worldwide. The perfect stocking filler or what?

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So tell me, are you having a short wedding dress?


  1. I wore the Vivien of Holloway ‘Grace’ circle dress.
    I had never pictured myself in anything other than a 1950s style dress, or a ‘sticky out frock’ as I used to call them as a child.
    I don’t wear long dresses in real life, so I wouldn’t have done it on my wedding day!

  2. Andrea

    I bought a long black dress but I’m pregnant now so it won’t fit, I’ve now gone for a short maternity dress from tiffany rose which I’m going to customise.

  3. I am having a short wedding dress! Im having the couture company make it I don’t know what it will look like but I know it will be short I have my appointment in feb. I think if its your wedding you can wear what you like 🙂

  4. Victoria

    I had a short dress from Honeypie Boutique and loved it. I had my heart on a short dress the whole time and never even tried on any long ones.

  5. Nikki

    I’m only 4’11” and got drowned in every long dress I tried on, I felt dumpy and frumpy and it really got to me especially as a lot of the media is long dress orientated, then I plucked up the courage to go and see the lovely Laura at FCNK, I was nervous as I’m quite curvy for such a little lass but fell in love with their dresses immediately and now Laura and Emma are making me my dream knee length dress and I can’t wait to show it off next year, especially as its complimented by some awesome shoes!! Can’t recommend a short dress (and the FCNK babes) enough!! Do it ladies, you won’t regret it!!

  6. I actually debated going with a short dress simply because my legs are my nicest feature, but I will say that I’m glad I went with a long dress because I never wear them for this very reason!

  7. Ana Cristina Doca

    Definitely YES! I live in Brazil and I never wear long dresses. Why should I wear a long dress on my wedding day? NO! 😀

  8. Jenny

    Most definitely! I just wore a short lace dress for my August wedding. I never imagined myself wearing a long formal dress. I’m short and curvy, so they are usually too overpowering on me. Plus, I knew I would want to move freely throughout the reception. Take a chance and do it!

  9. Kelly

    I wore a lovely 50’s inspired dress and whilst I do look at the lovely long gowns sometimes with a bit of longing I look at my wedding photos and I’m so pleased with what i’d chosen

  10. I originally wanted a short wedding dress but I have ‘power calves’ and an issue with my ankles, so tried every style under the sun in long dresses and hated every single one, I’m an outdoorsy type and our wedding was outside. Instead I bit the bullet, tried one short version of a pretty lacy number, sottero and midgley Isabella Leigh and fell head over heels for it, all that was left was to learn to love my legs. And I did. Xx many comments were made on my hemline and it was ace as it was super hot on our day and I went in the sea happily 🙂

  11. Dommo

    My ankles are the only bit of me I like, plus we are having the reception in a field, so it is short dress all the way!

  12. I wore a short dress! I also design wedding dresses and I would love to specialise in short dresses. so far none of my brides have wanted short (I’m only just starting out) but I figure if I keep making short samples I should eventually attract some short seeking brides!

  13. LOVE a short dress, from a practical point of view (yawn!) it is so much easier to move around and to dance your ass off in later!

  14. Mechela

    I have a short ivory 1950’s cocktail inspired dress I will be wearing for my wedding. While long dresses are pretty, to me they all look similar. I am not the long dress type and the older style of this dress fits my old soul personality. I can’t wait to swing around in it!

  15. Why not wearing a shoer dress on your wedding day?? I personally prefer the long ones because they are more feminine in my opinion but short dresses can look gorgeous too.


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