Etsy Christmas Gift Guide: Skulls

Ceramic skull planter

Ceramic skull planter by Mud Puppy

If there’s one thing in competition for my love of all things sparkly, its anything with a skull on it… much to my mother and my husband’s dismay! I’m not sure where this slightly macabre fascination came from but if there’s something in a shop in the shape of a skull I am instantly drawn to it.

I don’t like ugly or hyper realistic skulls mind, just the pretty ones in candy colours or covered in glitter. I know you understand.

If there’s someone in your life with the same weird obsession, I’m sure you’ll be able to find them a gift from this collection. I’ll have one of each please.

etsy christmas rocknrollbride skulls

1. Victorian skull art print 2. Skull dinner plates 3. Skull candle holders 4.  Ceramic skull planter 5. Heart eyed skull earrings 6. Glitter skull and crossbones hair clip 7. Ruby eyed skull ring 8. Skull sugar cubes 9. Chocolate skulls with candy and cranberries

I don’t even like chocolate but those chocolate skulls are freakin’ cool. Happy Christmas shopping guys.


  1. I have the same thing! I secretly want a pink glitter skull in my house, but I’m not sure the BF would go for it. Btw, I was insanely fascinated and excited when I got to visit the Chapel of Bones in Faro, Portugal. Completely decorated in skulls. Fascinating! I’ve written about it too, and seems more people share this odd fascination 😉 (sadly, no glitter there..)

  2. Post author

    Explorista- wow that sounds awesome. I have to keep my skull collection in my office as Gareth wont allow them in the rest of the house haha!

  3. Ahhhh I LOVE skulls! My husband has one tattooed on his chest… I’m looking to get one tattooed somewhere as well. I’ve had shoes with skulls on them and had a mini white ceramic skull on my bedside table.
    ThankYou for compiling this nice little pile of skully skulls! x

  4. Jen

    this is perfect! my boyfriend and I are HUGE skull enthusiats and constantly giving each other skull related gifts (we even have a few real animal ones in our collection) I’m totally in love with that ring and victorian print, might have to add some things to my christmas list! 😉

  5. Kylie

    i have sugar skulls in both feet and a tiny skull on my thumb. Partner has some in his sleeve and on the back of his hand. We plan to have little skull features at our wedding!!


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