Wedding Planning Just Got a Whole Lot Easier…

July 9, 2013


We live in a time where there’s an app for pretty much everything, so why should wedding planning be any different? But Appy Couple aren’t like the other, cheesy wedding apps and ‘wedsites’ that you might have seen. The interfaces are clean, fresh and design-led. The system is intuitive and simple to use. They offer something more than just a website to help you plan your wedding, it’s something you’ll be proud to share with your friends, family and wedding guests, and a tool that they’ll really want to use too.

The app may be beautiful to look at, but it’s so much more than just a pretty face. Not only it is a complete system for keeping your wedding planning in check, those clever bods are also constantly adding and innovating so the system will always offer their users the latest technological advances.

“It’s tough being a social bride nowadays”, they say. “Too much technology to hack together and too many options. You need to be everything to everyone, but surely you can’t add ‘become a Hacker’ to your list of wedding To Do’s? Whew! Shouldn’t life be getting simpler and more integrated with technology? Enter Appy Couple. The most magical and stylish way to do EVERYTHING you need for your wedding. No more one patched together wedding website, photo app, emails and guest list, RSVP, address collection blah, blah. Appy Couple brings it all together in the most magical way you can imagine.”


Available for both iPhone, iPad and Android, this system is a completely custom wedding planning tool, a guest concierge service and social network in one. Both you and your fiancé will have a login so you can both update it, and your guests can use it to learn about your wedding, be introduced to the wedding party and even RSVP from their own phone! The app brings together all of the wedding communication options seamlessly and for those of you that don’t use a smartphone, everything can be updated on a computer too. 

You can send digital Save the Dates to all your guests (which can be imported seamlessly from your Gmail or Facebook contacts) and they can RSVP through the system in no time at all. They can even include information on things like childcare requirements or dietary restrictions, and all this information is automatically then added to your guest list – no more faffing around with hundreds of spreadsheets!

You can even use the system to let your guests know what to wear to what event, the mood, theme, playlist, how you met, all about the proposal, where to stay, which flight to take and the best hotel choices.

Interacting with your guests through the system also couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve paid the one-time set up fee all your guests can download and the app for free. You can then collect photos (an unlimited number) and addresses, get DJ song requests and send unlimited emails. Advanced Appy messaging features launch July 20th which will allow your guests to interact and chat before and after the wedding within tagged groups (DJ, bridal party, college friends).


There are over 300 gorgeous designs (and new ones being added everyday) to choose from with the vast majority of them being as far removed from traditional and puke-worthy wedding schemes as possible. There’s not a soft focus rose or a white vignette border in sight. In fact Appy Couple is pretty much one of the best designed and most stylish mobile phone apps I’ve ever used. 

To get started, simply head over to from your desktop computer, choose a design you like (you can change it any time) and create an account. Easy!

Reader Discount

Appy Couple is offering a discounted price of a teeny tiny $20 for all readers of Rock n Roll Bride. Simply quote the discount code 7RNR13 when you purchase. Offer valid until 15th July 2013.

So what are you waiting for?!