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May 13, 2013


Goodness, what a rollercoaster The Blogcademy has been already, and today we’re about to take another upside-down corkscrew followed by a loop the loop because we’re adding even more dates to our 2013 world tour! Your headmistresses are nothing if not diligent, and when we announced the full wack of dates back in March, there were some outcries that we weren’t going down to any of the Southern US states… Well, your wish is our command and so we’ve added an Austin date in August. BRING. IT. ON.

But that’s not all. The Melbourne class sold out so damn speedily, that we’ve decided to add a second date on our way home from Australia. It means we’re pretty much going to be away from home for a whole month (!) but hey, we love ya and we know you’re gonna make it worth our while! Our poor suffering husbands will just have to hold the fort at our respective homes a little while longer I guess…


So the 2013 world tour now looks as follows, click the relevant link below if you’d like to book a space on any of these classes.

New York (limited spaces remaining!)
June 22nd & 23rd

Minneapolis (limited spaces remaining!)
June 29th & 30th
Public Functionary

August 17th & 18th

September 7th & 8th
Curtain Road Studios

Brisbane (limited spaces remaining!)
Proudly presented by Tourism & Events Queensland!
November 2nd & 3rd
Bleeding Heart Gallery

Melbourne (SOLD OUT)
November 6th & 7th
Lightdrop Studios

November 9th & 10th

Melbourne (second date added!)
November 14th & 15th
Lightdrop Studios

What the hell is The Blogcademy?

If you’re confused as to what on Earth I’m banging on about, let me enlighten you… The Blogcademy is a two-day workshop for bloggers that I host with blogging royalty Gala Darling and Shauna Haider. Hop over to theblogcademy.com where you can find out all about the curriculum and what we teach, get answers to your frequently asked questions, read some testimonials and see photos & videos from past events.

pdx shoot (223)

It looks awesome, sign me up!

If you’d like to hop on the school bus with us, you can book your spot on any of the above classes via The Blogcademy website. As always, for the two new dates we are offering an earlybird special price if you book before midnight Wednesday 15th May. Spaces are limited to 30 graduates per class and remember, all our previous classes have been sell-outs, so speed is of the essence!

Goodness me, my head is spinning just thinking about all the awesome places I’ll be visiting this year. Won’t you join us?