Industrial Eclectic Downtown Los Angeles: Phil & Joelle

Corey Nickols

May 10, 2013

Phil & Joelle were married at Studio Six01, an event spaces with a industrial vibe in downtown Los Angeles. They planned their wedding in just three months with the help of event planners Two B Events. “Because we had dated for so long, once we got engaged we knew we wanted to do a very short engagement”, explained Joelle. “We initially planned on six months, but due to schedule conflicts that ended up being shortened to three months and a day. It was then that we realized we needed help, and Seth and Ziza of Two B Events came to our rescue. I wouldn’t have done it any other way! Second to saying ‘I do’, hiring event designers was the best thing we did for our wedding. I loved every detail but my two very favorite things were the vows and the hanging edison bulbs (especially as seen in the chandelier built by Two B Events).”

“Other than the vows themselves, nothing about our wedding was traditional”, she continued. “We were married in a transformed warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, the vibe we were going for was turn of the century, speak-easy, industrial meets rustic. We had a gigantic wedding party (11 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen) and we picked songs for the ceremony and reception that were from our favorite artists rather than typical ‘wedding-appropriate’ songs.”

“We decided not to have a sit down dinner, and instead served hors d’oeuvres, desserts and drinks to fit more of the lounge/speak-easy feel. We wanted everyone we loved to be there and didn’t want a food budget to determine who we could or couldn’t invite. For favors, we picked out some of our favorite old-fashioned candy and had a candy bar with hand stamped paper bags for guests to fill and take home. We also tattooed anchors on our ring fingers as wedding bands that we could never take off. We both have rings, but we did not add a band to my engagement ring. We really wanted to do our wedding in our own way and not be concerned with the expectations that are put on weddings. It was a blast, and many guests have said it was their favorite wedding they’d ever attended.”