Your Brand Is Not What You Say It Is…


Your brand is not what you say it is, it is what other people say about their experience of you. You are not good at something because you tell people you are, your strengths are defined by what other people decide about you on their own. Your weaknesses are not your internal soul-crushing insecurities, they only become a problem when they are visible to the outside world.

When you start to think about how you want to present yourself or your business – whether it be in your branding, the way you interact with people on social media, or the way to write on your blog – don’t judge whether something is right based on your own opinions. Ask yourself, “How will other people react to this” and “What message will they interpret from it?” Your own bias should not be the deciding factor. After all, you’re not trying to sell to yourself, you’re trying to sell yourself to other people.

Unless you’re very lucky and your ideal client is exactly like you of course…



  1. Edith

    For branding, fine, but this would be an absolutely crippling way to view yourself and your life.

  2. Well put – I gave a workshop to a room of jewellery designers on this very subject, and it’s an greatly overlooked consideration when thinking about branding.

    It’s worth noting that while it’s decided by other people, we have to shape and mould those opinions with good marketing / user experience / etc.


  3. I agree with Edith – it’s absolutely key to live your life to your own perception of what your reality is, not other people’s perceptions. But when branding….. seeing yourself through the eyes of the customer is critical, absolutely! The most important thing is that what the customer sees you as… you have to deliver to that perception. Otherwise, unhappy faces all round.

  4. Perfectly said. I agree this is true for business and also partly for life (if referring to positive things). I’m pretty insecure about my skill in certain things, but if I project a confidence to others then that’s awesome! Who cares how I really feel! lol


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