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It’s something you tend to learn the hard way, but if I’ve learnt one thing recently it’s that drama, especially public drama, is not only a huge waste of time and energy, but can suck the life right out of you. It’s not good for anyone and just makes you look like a big moany old cow.

Of course I’m not saying you should be a push over, but you shouldn’t let the dramas you encounter run your life either. Deal with situations in a calm and measured fashion, never lash out, never react on instinct.  Never air your dirty laundry in public. If someone upsets you, never email or phone them right away. Think about it, sleep on it, sort it out when you’ve calmed down. Because if you let it, drama can consume you and you can begin to perceive it as some warped kind of validation.

If surrounding yourself with positive influences makes you a more naturally positive person, then surely, surrounding yourself with negativity, rants and moans will have the same, but negative, effect.

“Drama in our lives is the greatest indicator that we’re not focused on meaningful goals. On the path to purpose you don’t have time for drama”- Brendon Burchard

However in saying all this, I do personally believe that having a good old rant in private about something that’s upset you with a trusted confidant is good for the soul. It helps you work through the problem and gets it out of your system. How many times have you been so angry or upset about something one day, yet the next you can’t even remember what it was that got you so fired up?

Keeping things bottled-up inside is a recipe for disaster and internalising everything is never the way forward. But here’s the key – have a moan and then let it go. Immediately. Rant & Go, that’s my new motto by the way… its like Wash & Go but with less bubbles.


  1. Good advice! If something gets my goat, I have a good old stomp about at home, bend the other half’s ear about it, but always stop there and let it blow out on harmless things rather than taking it public. A word said in public (or to another business) can never be taken back. And yep, I probably won’t remember why I got so crabby about it given a day or so!

  2. Perfect advice, and poignant and timely for me, thank you Kat! Swinging between excessive drama and bottling things up, as well as being a total perfectionist, caused me health problems at the end of last year, so forced me to reassess and reach similar conclusions. It’s a daily practice to respond resourcefully to stress, and a motto I try and keep in mind in business and in life is “don’t take it personal”. Now I take the time to meditate at night, which has made a big difference, and I understand that the route to happiness is to develop compassion for others, and most importantly, for yourself.

  3. Oh Kat, I feel your pain and could not agree more, especially about waiting until you are calm before confronting someone. I have had my fair share of rants lately (and yes always in private). You gotta let it out – it’s good for the soul. LOVE ‘slam it in the f**k bucket’ – I am gonna say that next time I feel the need to rant. Have a better day honey, x

  4. Hi Kat 🙂
    Good advice in theory. I had a little rant the other day on my personal FB. Normally I let my rants go and don’t put them on social media or my blog. This particular rant though I really felt I needed to air in a forum (the wedding industry) where like minded people would understand. I tried to discuss my issue with my hubs and friends who didn’t get it. it feels great to finally get it off my chest and now I feel like I can move on. I do think if you’re permanently moaning on social media it can be negative but sometimes you just need to let it out :)) XxX And as I didn’t name names I don’t think it was too bad 😉

  5. Faith Caton-Barber

    I completely agree, I do think that the knee-jerk drama queens and kings just look a bit stupid and out of control of themselves, never mind the situation. I agree we should keep the venting private as long as the person or people you rant to get the good stuff too. I’ve found myself far too often at the receiving end of people coming to let out their angst without thinking to share some love too, or maybe even stopping to check if now is a good time….
    So often it’s the adrenaline that is powering our anger or fear or whatever, maybe we just need to find the ridiculous in a situation and laugh it out then deal with it in a cool-headed way later.

  6. Kristin Struve Photography

    I guess we (business people) ought to imagine ourselves bigger than we are. Look at all the times huge companies have hit the headlines due to an irate employee – it might be amusing to the rest of the world but it’s not the sorts of publicity they want, nor the sort we’d want for our own businesses. So why play the role of the irate employee for the world to see?

  7. Agreed! It’s a waste of time and engaging in flamewars can also be damaging to one’s reputation.


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