February 5, 2013


Photography: Devlin Photos

When you spend a long time away from home you start to miss the little things. Gareth & I are very lucky that as we work together we basically spend 100% of our time together (a blessing and a curse believe me!) Because of this, me going away for two weeks doesn’t really seem like such a huge stretch. But as my latest foreign jaunt came to a close I really started to miss home.

Adventure is magical, inspiring and wonderful, but the small home comforts are what define us and what make us who we are. They are the jumping off point for everything we strive to do and the real reason for our efforts. I work hard because I want a comfortable home life. I want to feed my little furry family and to create something we can all call our own.

If the stresses and strains of running your own business ever get too much, just stop for one moment and remember why you’re doing it. Remember the reasons for your passion, the starting point for everything you do. Is it your kids, your pets, your husband or your wife? Is it the drive to provide or the desire to make someone proud? Are you doing it for someone else other than yourself? These are the people, and the things, that matter. They are the ones who that encourage us, support us, and let us fulfil our crazy dreams. These are the people who make us who we are. 

Never forget them, remember to thank them… and always bring them back souvenirs.