Don’t Believe the Hype


Photography: Thomas Whiteside for ELLE

Those people taking the time to jump on Twitter to tell the world just how busy they are, or just how many new enquiries they have flooding are not the people running the most successful businesses. The people who are actually busy are way too rushed off their feet to be sat around on Twitter all day telling people about it.

Don’t confuse industry notoriety with success. The truly successful people are not spending their days schmoozing on social media. They’re working their butts off behind the scenes, forming genuine friendships and working as hard as they possibly can for their clients.

Head down, power on and don’t believe the hype.


  1. Good sentiment. I think there’s a good balance though, If you’re busy enough, hire someone to work your social media and keep things ticking over. But yeah, if someone is on Facebook or Twitter all the time, then they’re probably sitting around waiting for work. FB marketing works well but keep the posts to maybe one or two a day, updating people with what you’ve done today! What do you think?

  2. I agree. I often think how do these people have time to do all their social media, while my own blog monster goes hungry. I finally blogged one of my favourite weddings from last summer and had two reblog enquiries the next day. But I’ve been struggling to keep up since I lost my assistant, who was a social media queen.

  3. Post author

    Mike, Philip – I’m not really meaning people keeping up with their social media and blogging. thats part of the job and we all need to do that. I really mean the kinds of peeps who go onto twitter and post things like “oooh im just SOOOOO busy, I have sooooooooo much on right now!” Well if that was true surely you’d be off getting on with it not taking the time to tell everyone about it!

  4. My best suppliers are barely on social media and since I’ve got busier, my time on Twitter etc. has certainly diminished. But that’s not to say that I don’t make time for it – it’s important industry colleagues stay updated with what’s happening at Parallel Venues and I like to see what everyone else is up to as well!

  5. well said. I usually try and update my FB and twitter 2-3 times a week and worry that is not enough when I compare how frequently others are on social media sites. Usually I update it via mobile phone when I have arrived early at my client (always panic about being late so turn up way too early :o) and sitting in the car waiting for my appointment time. Or like today, working on photographs and inquiries and hopped on my FB to check what’s been going over the weekend. I guess some people have more time and perhaps enjoy talking to the world via social media (some are more talkative than others!) I guess as Philip said there has to be a good balance as these days a good social media presence is very important.

  6. Post author

    Kristina – i think you probably should update twitter more than 2 or 3 times a week. at least once a day really… but its what you talk about that counts!

  7. Sorry Kat, I meant Twitter and Facebooks posts for social media not blogs. The “I’m nearly booked up for 2013/2014, only two spaces left” but they never say when those two spaces are. Really annoys me. Blogging is my own personal bugbear, but I’m getting better at it, thanks to advice from you and Emma Case in pro photo mag.

  8. Post author

    haha yep i agree Mike! totally.
    Glad my photo pro articles have been helpful. Ive actually just finished writing for them for a bit (ironically cos i am so busy! ha) but i hope to be able to do more with them in future!

  9. I agree, but i am terrible for always being on Facebook even when i am busy! – most of the time its when i’m sat sewing/making and am particularly pleased with my work or keeping brides up to date with their orders 🙂

  10. Jody

    I completely agree! I have a few friends in the industry who are constantly on FB informing the world of all the bookings they are taking and how many people they have had to turn down! Strangely they are still DESPERATE to get me to book them for my own lol!!

  11. You are SO right…
    As we say in french “Ce sont ceux qui en parlent le plus qui en font le moins” to talk about people who show off a lot but don’t do that much…


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