Shopping Mall Pirate Ship Wedding: Holly & Jake


Holly & Jake were married on a pirate ship… in the middle of a shopping mall in Edmonton, Canada. Nope, there’s nothing unusual about that at all! They had wedding photographer Michel Feist of Ampersand Grey to capture their ceremony and portraits.


“Our inspiration was just using what we liked and what matched our personalities”, explained the bride. “We wanted something that was fun and laid back. We wanted people to come and say ‘Yeah that was totally Holly’ or ‘That was a really Jake thing to do’. What made us Rock n Roll was that we didn’t want to fit in with other kinds of weddings. We didn’t worry about having a really fancy affair. We kept the important parts really important and the rest was just fun. We made sure that the wedding represented who we are and we aren’t really fancy people so we didn’t think the wedding needed to be either.”


“The ceremony was definitely the best part of our day”, she continued. “Being on a boat in the mall was pretty sweet and getting our photos done was awesome. Having our family and friends there was also amazing.”

The couple had handmade wedding rings which they made for each other. “Jake designed my ring and I designed his. We used a wax ring tubes to mould them and then we got them cast by Precision Jewelry Manufacturing. After they were cast, Jake filed, sanded and polished them himself, and instead of a diamond he put in a piece of Muonianalusta meteorite.”


Gorgeous! Thank you to Holly & Jake and their photographer Michel for sharing this with us today. So what do you say – would you ever get married on a pirate ship?!

Supporting Cast

Photography Credit: Ampersand Grey
Venue: Santa Maria, West Edmonton Mall
Bride’s Dress: Jasmine
Bride’s Shoes: Converse
Bride’s Headpiece: Anne Patersons Flowers
Groom’s Outfit: Tip Top Tailors & Le Chateau
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: H&M, Forever 21
Flowers: Anne Patersons Flowers
Transport: 1988 Pontiac Firebird


  1. Thomas

    That is a great wedding story. Personally, I think the wedding is more special when the bride and groom have more fun with the planning and aren’t stressing to meet traditional expectations. The personalized ring idea is great too. I know a couple that have black wedding bands rather than traditional ones. They love the rings and regularly get complimented on the uniqueness of the bands.

  2. That is amazing! I think the first image is my favorite shot ever with a tilt shift. So cool! Everything about this wedding is cool. Thanks for sharing. =D

  3. Meagan

    This is amazing! I’m definitely going to keep this in mind for when I get married. I’ve been looking around for pirate ships or ships that look like pirate ships to get married on. Although I do want an “alternative” wedding, I don’t necessarily want to get dressed like a pirate so it’s nice to finally come across a wedding where the pirate ship is in it, but no one’s dressed like a pirate.

  4. Meghan

    I read the title and immediately thought, “They got married at the West Ed?” I was skeptical at first as that’s the mall associated with marathon shopping trips for me. Kudos to the photographer for keeping shoppers out of the photos! I’m glad that they took advantage of more than just the pirate ship in the mall and went to the amusement park as well.
    And to Hot Chocolates – Clayton, this mall is on the Canadian prairie!


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