Being a Professional Wedding Photographer is Easy

My buddy Tattybojangles tweeted this last week and I just had to add an extra Green Room post today to share it too. Who says being a professional wedding photographer is hard? They obviously haven’t seen these!*

Part two…

Remember, coffee is an accessory! Catch you later guys, I’m off to get myself some rockstar shoes…

*These videos are clearly a joke. No hating! (although you have to read the comments on YouTube, some people really don’t get it!)


  1. Hahaha…. I love that some people just don’t get it and take it seriously…(the videos I mean not the photography bit)

  2. Post author

    pretty sure theres a whole bunch of ’em she’s ripping it out of! and we all know you wear rockstar shoes chloe!

  3. Ha Brilliant! Wish I’d had her advice on lenses beore I spent £1400 on one though…If only I realised I could of used my legs to get closer! Doh! 😉

  4. Rachel fox

    That’s it I’m wearing my rockstar shoes to my next wedding. toes are like soooooo over rated! Lol this is brill

  5. RachyLou

    “Just because you’re not the professional wedding photographer doesn’t mean you can’t act like you are!” One for all the ‘Uncle Bobs’ out there!

  6. ‘brides want the light that is in the church’. oh missy, I adore you.

    now excuse me, I have to go get myself some SPARKLY ROCKSTAR SHOES!!!

  7. I’m frightened! But glad to know Starbucks is the place to reflect calibre….must remember this when thinking about the 7Ps marketing…..delivering this to photography students this week so may reflect on these clips…..session gold! Thanks for sharing x

  8. she’s very funny! but apparently her husband is a photographer in new mexico (i think?), and is losing business to the moms with rockstar shoes taking up photography. so i think the sarcasm is a bit bitter in this case.

  9. Antonia Chick

    Laughing so much I almost wet myself!!! ‘Pop up flash…well if it’s good enough for Canon!’ it!


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