Under the Spotlight: Neil Thomas Douglas Photography

Glasgow based photographer Neil Douglas prides himself on his composition and use of light. In fact he cites his main inspiration as Martin Parr, a social photographer, who is well known for his exaggerated style. “I love the way he uses colour and composition to really bring out the personality of his subjects,” Neil writes, “Henri Cartier Bresson is also massive influence for me – his candid photography really paved the way for us who favour a reportage style.”

“I picked up my first camera in my teens, and from then on it’s never really left my side,” Neil continues. “I combined my love of music and photography by running around gigs in skinny jeans shooting bands which was lots and lots of fun. It soon became apparent that it wasn’t really about the music, I was more interested in capturing ‘people’ and the human element so when I was asked to be a second shooter for a wedding tog friend I jumped at the chance.  And I never looked back.  I truly believe that great photography equals great art. It’s emotive, immediate and perhaps most importantly, accessible.”

“I’d describe my photography as fun, creative and a little bit unusual. I love strong composition, framing and really interacting the couple with their surroundings. I’d say its timeless, which means in 20 years it will remain just as striking, without being dated.”

“I think it’s fair to say that any couple in love make my job fantastic, but it’s always good to meet clients that are willing to try something a little bit different and move away from ‘traditional’ style posed photography. I love couples who come with their own idea’s too – it really does make the finished collection of pictures a true partnership between those in front of the camera and behind. I guess having a similar sense of humour helps, especially for those times when I’m asking the bride and groom to climb trees and lay on disused railway tracks!”

Neil is based in Glasgow but is looking forward to shooting weddings worldwide in 2012…including an amazing sounding wedding in Vegas! “he majority of my clients have married in Scotland,” he explains. “However I love to travel and happy to shoot anywhere! Next year I’m really excited to have a some international bookings and I’d love to have more.”

Thanks to Neil for talking to us today! For more examples of his work be sure to check out his website. Neil is also on twitter and facebook if you want to get to know him even more!


  1. Very excited to see this — Neil captured our wedding amazingly (see pics 2 and 3) and just want to give him a massive recommendation. He was fantastic on the day – putting everyone at ease and working tirelessly to get everything done.

  2. Neil is one of the most creative, exciting and fun photographers I know, not to mention alternative. He has a great sense of humour and mischief, and I have always enjoyed looking at his wedding photos and I’m not even getting married! If I were though, I would definitely choose Neil. He really brings out each couple’s sense of fun, and ultimately they all look madly in love 🙂 I’ve not seen a stiff, formal, bog standard portrait yet.

    Great to see that RocknRoll Bride has put him under the spotlight.

  3. Janice Gracie

    Well deserved spotlight. Can’t praise or thank Neil enough. At our first meeting I told him I hated having my photograph taken and I wanted NO staged pics. The other challenges were : -the ceremony at the waters edge of Loch an Eilien and the wedding meal on the Strathspey Steam Train from Aviemore to Broomhill and back! With travel between by vintage bus and car. All of which we wanted “captured”.
    We hardly knew he was there (except when we were lying on the railtrack – reminiscent of a scene from an old cowboy movie – ha LOL!). The result with lightning speed was an amazing array of pics depicting the whole day ! Thanks Neil x

  4. As a photographer too, I admire Neil’s good sense of composition. I don’t shoot weddings; I had always thought there was little creativity there. But he does such a great job and after seeing him in action, I can tell you: he’s very passionate about it.


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