DIY Tutorial: ‘Bobble Wobble’ Christmas Place Names

December 17, 2011

This week’s super cute DIY project was submitted by Erin of BerinMade. Erin’s etsy shop is a place for fancifully hand-drawn posters and flamboyant stationery & paper goods and I’m honoured to share with you this adorable tutorial that she created just for us. These would be awesome for a Christmas wedding or even just for your Christmas dinner table.

Over to you Erin…

This little project is a ton of fun to make and has loads of room for creativity to make it your own! I think these little bauble wobbles would make very fun place names in lieu of tent cards. If it’s a Christmas wedding you’re having, you could make simplified versions of these and your guests could take them home as a souvenir!

Supplies Needed

1. Paint brushes and paint (I find gouache paint gives the most vibrant colours that give cheer tothese little gems)
2. Scissors
3. Pencil for sketching
4. Recycled round baubles (mine were about 7cm in diameter)
5. White card (at about 200gsm – easy enough to cut with scissors but hard enough so it stands up)
6. Super Glue


Step 1: First sketch out your portraits in pencil, then colour in with paint. I painted a boy with glasses called James and girl with hairband and matching polka dot scarf called Jessica (they look like me and my husband, except they have a basset called Woof.)

Top Tip! Measure the nobbly bit of your bauble to make sure that the neck of your portrait covers it. I used thick winter scarfs on my people to hide it (a thick neck is just not as attractive…)

Step 2: While you’re waiting for your little heads to dry, cut out squares from your white card, the sides measuring about the diameter of your bauble. They will be later be stands for your people to stop them from rolling around. (For the best effect, colour the squares to the colour of your table surface so they are camouflaged – my surface is white.)

Step 3: Check that your paintings are dry. Cut out your little floating heads. I also made speech bubbles of their names and cut those out too.

Step 4: Lay your square cards on a flat surface, and dab a bit of super glue onto the centre. Stick your bauble to them squarely in the centre. Hold down, count to 30 and wait for each to dry.

Put a bit of super glue to the nobbly bit of the bauble and attach the heads to each. Hold down, count to 30 and wait for each to dry.

Et voila!

Thanks Erin! By the way, I’m always after DIY tutorials to feature on the blog, so if you’re the crafty type, feel free to drop me an email with a few photos and a brief description of your idea and we can chat.