Bitchless Bride on Rock n Roll Bride: Communication is Key

July 16, 2012

You may have seen me talk about Bitchless Bride before, especially on twitter. She is my new wedding industry hero! The alter ego of a wedding planner (and no, even I don’t know her true identity!) who was sick to death of crazy bridezillas and mental wedding vendors, she set up her blog to give it to us STRAIGHT. I loooove her. She’s a hoot. And hell, she rocks a pink wig. We’re definitely destined to be BFFs.

I just about wet my pants with excitement when her video guest blog landed in my inbox. Some exclusive Bitchless Bride on Rock n Roll Bride?! Hell. Yes. We are a match made in wedding heaven. Listen up brideys, listen up wedding suppliers, cos Bitchless is about to give it to you. No holds barred.

(FYI there are a few swears in here, if you’re at work… or you’re of a delicate disposition then you might wanna save this for later…)

She’s awesome right? Plus she speaks a lot of sense. I don’t know about you but I’d like to see some regular video blogs for Rock n Roll bride readers wouldn’t you?

You can read more of Bitchless Bride‘s rants (they’re rants, yes, but they’re funny rants!) on her blog and check out more of her videos here.