Under the Spotlight – Gemvara

Gemvara offer a huge range of beautiful and unique engagement rings, wedding rings and men’s wedding bands at great prices. Their easy search function makes shopping for your perfect ring simple, and their free shipping, 30-days returns policy and one-year warranty really give you peace of mind when you make a purchase.

I love that they have just an extensive range of styles and gems available – there really is something for everyone here. Plus, every design on the site is customisable to suit your preference, style and budget. I am particularly smitten with the pink sapphire engagement rings (duh!) but I’m also loving the unusual black diamond engagement rings.

Did you go for a traditional diamond engagement ring or did you (or your fiancé) choose something slightly different? I’d love to see photos of your engagement rings. Why not post links to them below!?


  1. Meredith B

    Must admit mine is a diamond! I went for an unfashionable six claw setting though if that counts! I love sparklies, you see, and you can’t beat diamonds for sparkle. 🙂

  2. Tegan

    I’m not a diamond girl (unless they are used to accentuate a different gem stone) but other than the instruction of “no diamond solitare” my fiance was left to choose the ring on his own. He got me a gorgeous dark pink saphire, which is all the more special because I would never have concidered it myself yet it is perfect for me!

    This… http://www.flickr.com/photos/62454292@N02/5686129704/in/photostream is my ring! 😀

  3. RachyLou

    I wanted a black diamond engagement ring but the design i wanted was too expensive for our budget so we decided to get finger tattoos of each other’s initials instead! £30, bargain! We’ll have wedding rings though 🙂


  4. All these rings look lovely ladies!

    I wanted a pearl engagement ring but obv as being MrsJKD i had to have Diamonds, so i went for an unusual cut and i just love it!

    We are getting more and more requests for coloured gems tho, saphires/ruby ect. Black Diamonds are popular now due to SATC and they look lovely! I have a pair of black Diamond stud earrings which i adore!

    If you go for a diamond eng ring you can always have a colour wedding band? Maybe sapphires instead of Diamonds? Really sets it off!!

  5. Becca

    I’m trying to get my hands on a black diamond engagment ring! My fiance has looked everywhere and I can only find them on one site, of which only ONE ring goes up to my size!

    Any ideas where I can get a black diamond ring for in the UK? I don’t really want to spend over £500!



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