Tommy & Katie’s Bunny Engagement

Photographer Lisa Devlin told me about her plans for this shoot when we met up to discuss my initial ideas for The Big Fat Wedding Blogger’s Photo Shoot. She was keen to use the Hasselblad that we’d been lent for the shoot with one of her couples, and Tommy & Katie (and their bunny suits!) were the obvious choice.

“I saw some pictures of these two on Facebook dressed in big fluffy bunny suits at a fancy dress party and that sparked the idea for this quirky shoot,” Lisa explained. “Tommy is the singer in the alternative rock band Slaves to Gravity and Katie is a gorgeous 50’s chick so we were aiming for something a bit vintage and a bit dark. We shot a day in the life of them as this fantasy bunny couple and had a lot of fun. Well, it is the Year of the Rabbit!”

How fun! You can also check out the behind-the-scenes goodness on Lisa’s blog here.

Big love to Tommy & Katie and the fabulous Lisa for sharing these today. I can’t wait to see their wedding!

Photography Credit: Devlin Photos


  1. Heee! These are brilliant. And I’ve just spotted Lisa’s ad in your sidebar…. looking fab. Photoshoots are there to be enjoyed and I bet they had a blast. Love it!

  2. Bizarre. Wonderful, awesome, mildly disturbing in a good way. Just, inspired. Bewildering but inspired.

  3. Natalie

    LOVE the Vivien of Holloway dress, thinking of having this for my bridemaids, beautiful! x

  4. Thanks so much for featuring this shoot Kat. They were my first ever enquiry through Rock n Roll Bride and will forever have a special place in my heart. Oh and they are really really cool, so super thanks 🙂

  5. absolutlysoddingbrilliant!!! LOVE IT!!! especially photo 63>64. I laughed out loud. In my opinion what an engagement shoot should be about. I didn’t really understand the point of an engagement shoot until now. So many just seem so soppy and unnecessary when you have all the soppy pictures on your actual wedding day… but this is so full of fun and despite the fact they’re dressed up as bunnies, doesn’t feel in any way contrived like so many others.

    Amazing. 🙂


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