Rachel’s Punk Rock Wilderness Trash the Dress Shoot

A bride willing to get her gown crazy-muddy for a trash the dress shoot probably isn’t anything new to a lot of your seasoned Rock n Roll Bride readers, but something about Rachel’s shoot really did make me go ‘wow’.

“Rachel contacted me for her trash the dress session desiring to get down & dirty, even muddy if possible,” photographer Gabrielle Foxtold me. “She said to think wilderness with a punk rock edge to it. I thought of an awesome location, a muddy lake near San Diego, and it ended up being the perfect setting! The photos definitely had a Rock n Roll feel to them, mixed with some Marilyn Monroe bombshell.”

Thanks to Gabrielle Fox for sharing these today

Photography Credit: Gabrielle Fox Photography


  1. Evie

    WOW. This is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I’d never even heard of ‘trash the dress’, but I dig it! And she is a total fox!

  2. Teegzie Pitt

    That last shot is brilliant! Really makes the shoot stand out from other TTD sessions I’ve seen!

  3. Anne Krumm

    So glad that my money was well spent on trashing the dress!!! The photos are awesome and so you are!!
    Love you, Moo Moo


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