Beloved: The Revolution. Free Online Seminar

Photography Credit: Jesh de Rox

Have you heard of Beloved?
Are you interested in listening to an online talk that may change the way you see photography and breathe new life into your work?
When is the last time you tried something totally fresh?

Beyond how it relates to photography, this talk could just be the most inspiring hour you’ve spent in a long while.

This free preview talk will be held online, March 23, 2011, at 6:00pm PDT, featuring, an inspiring photographer and director of the Beloved Collective, Jesh de Rox. In this one-hour web seminar, Jesh will give an overview of the massive potential Beloved represents to photographers in all fields, strengthening their current work and enabling them to explore a huge, untapped client market in a way that could truly touch the world.

I’ve had so many of my photographer friends asking me about the Beloved movement since Gareth & I did our shoot with Marianne Taylor so this is the perfect way for you to find out more for yourselves.

Get your FREE registration here:

Photography Credit: Marianne Taylor Photography

You can see the rest of my Beloved session with my gorgeous husband here.

This revolution is changing the face of couple shoots fo’ reals.


  1. in a word: AWESOME. im so freaking excited about this revolution that is Beloved, it just all makes so much sense on every possible level. Thanks for this, Kat! xxx

  2. I heard Jesh talk about Beloved last year in Vegas and it was so incredibly inspiring and moving. Definitely worth learning about and adopting into your own business! I also think it makes sense on every possible level and that it can make a difference in the world.

  3. Is there any way to have this webinar videoed and emailed?

    I ask because… I am on the other side of the world, so time difference is an issue… and if it were at a time where I was awake… I have 2 children – so I would need to watch it when they are in bed – 8:00pm works… but it would obviously have to be my local time!

    Thanks in advance for your reply Kat!


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