A Marie Antoinette Inspiration

You know I’ve got a bit of a ‘thing’ for Marie Antoinette right? Well Marie Antoinette + pink hair couldn’t really be more perfect for Rock n Roll Bride if it tried could it?

“This is what happened when 2 crazy photographers from different states in Australia put their heads together,” began photographer Vanessa. “It all started with a wig Rhondda found on the internet (not the 1 we used actually) and after many chats and emails later we came up with Marie Antoinette as a bride. I wanted a bouquet out of the norm and didn’t really want traditional flowers in it. What better florists to put my thoughts of an “APPLE” bouquet into something fab..”Velvetlily” florist. So after a talking to them about want I wanted they came up with this amazing result! I also wanted apples and vine in the hair!!..a bit of a task for the make-up artist but we got there in the end.”

“We were also trying to think what other props we could use to make this work…hmmm A PIANO!! After hunting through the internet we finally found an old one that would work perfectly! I didn’t want to over kill the shoot with massive amount of props like you see these days in some other shoots..so we kept it simple with mainly the piano and just a chair. With the costumes again putting a twist on things.”

Gorgeous huh? I’m desperate for a Rock n Roll Bride to rock this look on her actual wedding day!

Big love and thanks to Vanessa & Rhondda for sharing this fab shoot with us today.

Photography Credit: Wildberry Studio & Design & Rhondda Scott Photography
Apple Bouquet: Velvetlily


  1. These are stunning.. agreed styling is AMAZING!! Love the Apple bouquet, I had some very similar made for a halloween party last year but mine had some black feathers too 😀

  2. Vanessa Hall

    Hi everyone! I am 1 of the photographers for this shoot and wanted to thank everyone for their beautiful comments! And Addie it is only 1 model hehe 😉 the combo of a great make artist and model I think… <3

  3. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Just wanted to share that this was one model. How amazing is she. She is able to look like two models 🙂 and yes this was such a fun shoot. Thank you to rocknrollbride for sharing our work and for getting brides inspired to think outside the box. It is so much fun to shoot amazing creative weddings and this site shows brides what is possible. Thank You.

  4. Hayley

    The flowers, photos and props for this shoot are absolutely exquisite, I am a budding photographer myself and hope I can put together something like this one day…. The florist should be so proud, the apples are divine, I have never seen anything like it… 🙂

  5. These photos are absolutely fabulous. I love the opulence and colorful flair of the Marie Antoinette spread! Now I want to see an 1800s French Rev wedding theme.


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