Sara’s Urban Bridal Shoot

Sara’s bridal shoot makes me heart sing! Motorbike, cute doggie, ink, vintage brooch bouquet…oh yes I certainly approve of this! Sara told me all about her inspiration for her shoot with Sweet Caroline Photo,

“My dress is from Pronovias and I got it from a bridal boutique in Salado, Tx called Coccinella’s.  My necklace was actually found at one of those crazy bridal extravaganzas from Stella Dot.  I saw it there, tried it on, and decided within 5 minutes that it was THE necklace! My shoes were none other than Irregular Choice!  Love them!  I really wanted something fun, quirky, and comfortable…and flat, as my fiancé is only about an inch taller than me! My bouquet was made by myself and my fiancé, Barrett.  I took a bunch of my old jewellery and hair pieces that I used to wear ALL the time and I haven’t been able to part ways with and wired them all together.  I also asked my stylists and receptionists at my salon to give me some of their old jewellery because I really wanted a piece of them with me during all of this.  They gave me a lot of pendants, rings, earrings, etc, and I love being able to look at it and see pieces of the people that have become my family.”

“As for location, as I said several times, I didn’t want to be in the middle of a field with a bunch of grass and trees because that just isn’t me!  I love cities and urban living and wanted my photos to reflect my love for those quirky little places you find around Austin. I loved the recycling plant idea with those huge piles of twisted metal!  My inspiration for my entire wedding look just came from my love for pin up girl looks along with the very intense desire to not look at my wedding photos in 20 years and say “Oh my gosh!  What was I thinking wearing that ______ (insert crazy, over trendy item here)!” I truly wanted a look that was me, just prettier!”

Don’t you just love it?

Huge love and thanks to Sara and photographer Caroline for sharing these with us today

Photography Credit:  Sweet Caroline Photo


  1. Pickle

    Sara-I love your pictures especially your bouquet! I have been trying to figure out how to make something simular so you are an inspiration! 🙂
    It’s fab! x

  2. Great bouquet and a lovely touch that its made up of jewellery from people who are important to her. I love the photo of the gorgeous bride reflected in the wing mirror- brilliant. As for the dog-only my favourite kind of dog ever (aside from my own 2 westies, obviously!) soooo cute!

  3. I love when a bride’s pictures really speak to who she is – I think this was accomplished beautifully here… and her make-up is gorgeous – among every thing else as well!

  4. Daddio

    Nice………very nice.

    Hugs and kisses,


    PS – Barrett’s is as lucky at love as I was!

  5. becky

    My amazing beautiful daughter!!! I love you. Thanks so much Caroline for the amazing photos! Can’t wait for the wedding photos!


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