Happy New Year!

Photography Credit: Made u Look Photography (I couldn’t help but sneak peek this epic wedding I was sent just this morning. Remember their engagement session? OMG their wedding is even better!)

Happieee new year! I trust you all had a suitably fabulous NYE celebration whatever you were up to? Me? Yeah…I was working at the shopping channel until 2am (Rock n Roll!) but at least I haven’t woken this morning with a stinking hangover…small mercies hey?! The good news is that it was the last New Year’s I will ever have to work for someone else because I am going to be a full time wedding blogger so soon (I can smell it!) NYE 2011 is gonna go off the hook yo!

The blogging schedule will return to normal on Monday, but I just wanted to drop by today for some obligatory happy new year’s love. Next week I’ll even been doing something on the blog that I’m very scared about too, I’m going into 2011 full throttle…eeek.

Stand by people, stand by!


  1. Good luck with the full time blogging, Kat – you’ll love it. The moment you leave the ‘proper job’ will feel so fantastic you’ll never forget it – trust me. I skipped out of an office five years ago (literally!) and have never looked back.
    Happy 2011! C xxx

  2. alexis

    Very exciting plans for 2011, look forward to reading more from you! Venturing on your own must be scary but very exciting, all the best

  3. A very happy new year too you Kat, much success with the full time blogging, hopefuly, once ime back at work, I may be lucky enough
    to get featured one time, who knows whats around the corner, have fallen in love with this site and will remain a loyal reader for years to come.
    lottsa love David x


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