Rock n Roll Bride in Tattoo Revolution Magazine

December 9, 2010

You may remember that over the Summer I was asked by my photographer friend, Al Overdrive , who not only shoots weddings and live music, but was shortlisted for Tattoo Photographer of the Year 2010, asked if I’d like to do a shoot and interview for new tattoo magazine, Tattoo Revolution. The magazine is a brand new non-profit and ethical magazine from some of the best in the UK tattooing industry.

“We’re committed to producing a monthly magazine that celebrates tattoos and tattoo art, seeking out the most innovative and exciting body adornment from around the world and delivering it in a beautifully produced tone,” they say.

“To say that we love tattooing is an understatement: the passion we hold for it burns deep within our souls. How could it not? Tattooing simultaneously represents the most primal and the most refined expression of self that is known to mankind, and has prospered both in times of popularity and prohibition for thousands of years. There is nothing more evocative in the realms of art than permanently adorning the corporeal canvas, and this is something that Tattoo Revolution is proud to represent.”

So in September, I headed to one of my favourite bridal shops, Fur Coat No Knickers in London, to do the shoot. I brought along my personal (hehe!) and favourite hair and make up gal,  Elbie Van Eeden and the Rock n Roll Bride intern, Alice, for the ride too. You can read all about our day’s shooting here, but for now, I hope you enjoy looking at the (four page!) interview where I chit chat all about my love of ink and tattooed weddings.

To read the article as well as get your little mitts on the full magazine in all it’s glorious detail, be sure to download the digital version of the magazine for just £2.49 (bargain!) from the Tattoo Revolution website. Simply click the image below to get there. With a digital version of the  magazine being available, it also means that all my readers in The States and worldwide can get themselves a copy too. Hurrah!

Thanks to Al and all at Tattoo Revolution Magazine for having me, it’s a real honour!



Rock n Roll Bride portraits: Al Overdrive 
Red hair/dress bride wedding images: Al Overdrive 
Smiley couple wedding portrait: Jeremy Lawson Photography
Carnival Wedding couple portraits: Red Heart Photo