{Personal Posting} New Handbag Eye Candy

I couldn’t resist adding a little bonus personal post this morning…because look what I just became the proud owner of! I think every girl needs a Vivienne Westwood handbag for Christmas. My wonderful friend Peter bought it for me (yeah, I opened it early, whoops) I must have been a very good girl this year!

Gareth said it’s hideous and that I’m a big loser for asking him to take photos of me flashing it. However I think it suits my hair quite perfectly and that anyone who thought I was strange as I posed in front of the random Christmas shed is clearly just jealous of my fabulous new bag.

Happy Christmas to me. Thank you to Peter and Vivienne. I love you both!


  1. OMG that is one awesome handbag. You totally rock it. I adore your hair – how long has it been pink??

    I am thinking of going red, as in Christina Hendricks red (from blonde) but am too chicken 🙁


  2. Charlotte

    GORGEOUS bag! Thanks for sharing – a little Christmas inspiration for us all maybe…?! xx

  3. hee hee! Love it!

    Youll have to strut your stuff with it in london town sometime soon so we can catch up for a coffee. I was working on your page yesterday doing tweaks, so hopefully should be sending stuff across if Catherine likes!


  4. RachyLou

    There’s a reason why Vivienne is the Grand Dame of fashion and that bag is IT!! Love it, love her.

  5. You are adorable and so is your bag! I’m so jealous of your pink hair and the fact that you have a nice fancy bag that matches it so perfectly!


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