Get Organised the Rock n Roll Way – The Rock n Roll Bride Wedding Planning Notebooks & 2012 Wallplanners Have Landed!

Photography Credit: via Vogue Italia

This morning I have a special announcement and I’m thrilled that I can finally share my latest project with you. Over the past few months I have been working with the wonderful Abbey of Sugalily to create an exclusive (and of course awesome) piece of Rock n Roll Bride memorabilia for you guys.

Have you been stressing with your wedding planning? Getting all in a cafuddle about to what you should be organising next, when all your wedding appointments are and how much you’ve spent? Or are you a wedding industry professional and you can for the life of you keep track of all the ‘stuff’ that’s going on?

Well my dears, I’m here to help. In collaboration Sugalily and, I am proud to announce the launch of the Rock n Roll Bride wedding planning notebooks and the 2012 wallplanners! Some of you may remember I did a similar project last year with Sugalily, but as these things always go, this year we’ve gone bigger and better and we’re also pretty thrilled to have on board too.

The demand for a book for brides to keep track of their wedding planning was there when we launched last year’s planner so I hope you all like what we’ve come up with…

Preview of the wedding planning book for brides

The soft back notebook comes in a handy handbag size (a5), crammed full of gorgeous imagery and design. There is an inspiration and notes page, budget planner and a 12 month diary portion of the book, which is date-free so you all can use it no matter which stage of your planning you are at or when you’re getting married

We were blown away by the response to the 2011 wallplanners, so we hope you like the 2012 design just as much…

Preview of the 2012 wallplanner design

I am well aware that you can pick up wedding planning diaries and generic wallplanners at any stationery store, but are they are punk rock as these ones? I think not. The Rock n Riot shoot provided us with the perfect excuse to make some 100% bad ass/non fluffy planners…And wedding product that doesn’t make you want to barf is always a good thing in my book.

The price of the wedding planning book (a5) is just £7.50 and the wallplanners (a2 size and laminated) are just £20. Both come with free delivery to anywhere in the UK and are currently exclusively available through International shipping is also available, but is chargeable. To see shipping costs for your region, have a look at the new international shipping prices on

Both planners are currently only available for a limited period and all orders must be placed by 30th June 2011. Planners will be posted in July.

Edit: Due to the HUGE demand we received for the planners, we have extended ordering time indefinitely! So it’s not too late to get your mitts on them. Yey!

For more details and to place your order, head over to right now!

♥ The wedding planning book can be purchased exclusively from right here
♥ The wallplanner can be purchased exclusively from here


  1. Lezandi

    It just looks amazing!!
    if i was getting married i would def get them, really awsome!!

  2. Post author

    thanks guys – glad you like! and im getting the wallplanner to put up in my office to keep my business organised :o)

  3. alex

    darn i don’t get paid til 1st july 🙁 im sooo dissapointed now! They are sooo fab tho kay what a brill idea 🙂 xxx

  4. RHJ

    so jealous, getting married in three weeks and wish I’d had one over the past few months! look great!

  5. RachyLou

    Sometimes i think you get inside my head Kat and create what i feel is missing from the world!! Been looking for a stylish wedding planner for aaaaages that doesn’t make me want to gag- et voila! Ordered xo

  6. Elo Sunshine

    Same as RHJ… three weeks to wait as well and I would have loved to have them!!!

  7. Post author

    you should get the wallplanner then…for you know…just planning real life after the wedding :oP

  8. Amy

    I’ve ordered a diary/planner even though I get married in 12 sleeps 🙂 I just couldn’t resist!!! And figured I can use it to plan all sorts of stuff 🙂

  9. Thinking…could I get away with using it for everyday purposes…pretend I am doing my eager ‘Bridesmaids duties’…?

    Oh and great to hear that Australia has been included on the shipping list. We seem to be a culture vacuum at times. 🙁

    Seriously great work though, setting a very high standard of awesome. Keep em coming! T-shirts? Writing pads? Kat- style Babushka dolls?


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