Vintage Charm – A London Engagement

The inspiration for Caroline & Ian’s engagement session was Caroline’s gorgeous Vivien of Holloway dress. “‘I’d worn it for my brother’s wedding in California a couple of weeks before,” Caroline explained. “It was such a wonderful outfit to wear that it was the obvious choice when I came to select an outfit for the shoot, and that set the whole style. I also wanted a deliberate contrast to the style of our wedding.”

To match up with Caroline’s style, photographer Julia Boggio was more than thrilled to accessorise Ian. Julia is a massive fan of all things vintage and has a studio full of props perfect for vintage styling (I know – I’ve had the treatment myself!)

Caroline & Ian’s wedding is going to be published in Cosmopolitan Bride magazine here in the UK very soon!

Huge thanks to Caroline & Ian and their photographer Julia for sharing their session with us today

Photography Credit: Julia Boggio Photography


  1. Michelle Crawley

    I LOVE this. Particularly as I own that very bike. I call her Jonie because she’s blue.

  2. The bike is getting a lot of love from us too! My favourite has to be Caroline jumping in the dress how amazing does she look! Cannot wait to see the wedding shoot.

  3. Terisa

    I wore the exact same dress for our engagement photos. It’s just such a fun dress to wear. I can’t wait to see your wedding shoot.


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