Under the Spotlight – David’s Bridal

I know you all will have heard of David’s Bridal (and a lot of my American readers will have bought their dresses from them) but have you ever taken the time to check out their bridesmaid dresses? These special occasion dresses really do make perfect sense as gowns for your maids, and don’t think it’s not Rock n Roll to shop here! It’s all about what you do with it…

With Autumn/Fall speedily approaching David’s have incorporated a lot of new styles into their range. Unusual and asymmetrical necklines are really popular, as of course are darker colours. However what’s important is to make sure you pick a style and colour that suits your individual bridesmaids – that’s why I love the mis-matched look.

For a more unique and Rock n Roll look, I love the idea of putting your bridesmaids in different party dresses (or even better, asking them to choose their own so they are really comfortable.) Another idea could be choosing the same dress but giving each girl a different colour – not everyone suits pastels you know! With so many styles all under one ‘roof’ the possibilities really are endless!

For this post, I’ve chosen to put some of my favourite dress styles in black because that’s what we had our bridesmaids do! 

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  1. I had my bridesmaids all pick from 6 black dresses from the same manufacturer so that the blacks would match. They all picked different dresses (which looked great) and they all loved the dresses they got! I am jealous that I haven’t been in a wedding where I got to wear black like my bridesmaids did!


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