An Exclusive Lisa Redman Collection at Luella’s Boudoir

When photographer Nick Tucker sent me just one shot from this amazing shoot, I demanded straight away to see the rest. I had a sneaking suspicion that they would be awesome…and when it comes to things like this it would appear that I’m always right!

The shoot was set up by Nick and Luella’s Boudoir (fabulous vintage wedding boutique in Wimbledon, London) to showcase the dresses of one of the shop’s favourite and most unique designers,Lisa Redman. I actually fell in love with a Lisa Redman dress myself when I saw some of her creations on the catwalk at Luella’s Boudoir bridal event earlier this year (remember this gorgeous sparkly dress?) so I literally jumped at the chance to share these with you.

This collection of Lisa Redman dresses are available exclusively from Luella’s Boudoir, Wimbledon. For info or to book an appointment get in touch by dropping Rachel an email to 

Huge thanks to Nick, Rachel at Luella’s Boudoir, Lisa Redman & Model Katherine for sharing these fabulous shots with us today

Credit: Nick Tucker Photography
Dresses: Lisa Redman available exclusively from Luella’s Boudoir


  1. pixie

    goregous but would have looked better with someone with a bit more than skin and bones.

    didn’t like looking at her in those dresses sidewards!

  2. Post author

    lets not attack the model for being ‘too thin’ – its just as bad as attacking someone for being ‘too fat’ just appreciate the awesome photographs and the fabulous dresses, ok!?

  3. pixie

    i totally appriciate the photographs and the dresses but cant see my self in one when i am a size 12 and she is a size 0, and to me that is the most important thing when buying a wedding dress.

    i love the short one! and the location is awesome! x

  4. I love Nick’s pictures! Have been looking at his stuff loads recently. He does some of the most beautiful black and whites I’ve seen. Love the close ups and the one in the cafe. Nice work everyone involved!

  5. Lucy

    I was fortunate enough to wear Lisa’s sparkly dress (first shot above and the one Kat mentioned earlier in Luella’s catwalk) as my wedding gown! She made one which fitted my plus-size boobs perfectly and shortened it to ballerina length – I loved it and felt amazing on my day. Nick Tucker was also my photographer (I think there’s a shot of me in the dress by Nick on this site, actually!). She’s an incredible designer, he’s an inspired photographer and I was a very lucky girl!


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