Primrose Hill Pretty

July 7, 2010

Olivia & Mark’s pretty and quirky London engagement session makes my heart sing! The pair actually said that they found the Primrose Hill location (where they live) a little twee so their photographer Lisa made a real effort to find some none puke-worthy spots including a cool graffiti wall ( “I was a bit ‘been-there-done-that’ until I saw it, if graffiti could ever be vintage, this might be it.  Mostly heart themed with a chalky quality, I LIKE!” Lisa explained) a Banksy mural, the front door of Gwen (Stefani) & Gavin and Jamie (Oliver) & Jules’ houses (shh!) the canal and the top of the hill.

“We grabbed the props from their wedding stuff (Mark has a thing for fonts and text) and the posy was picked up in the local florist Fitzroys” Lisa continued. “I was amazed that most of their clothes, including Mark’s cute jacket were from Primark. Since seeing the images, Olivia has emailed me to say that they hadn’t planned their outfits so that they would match!” 

The couple found their photographer Lisa Devlin through a feature on Rock n Roll Bride so I am already looking forward to featuring their Rock n Roll wedding!

Credit: Devlin Photos