Retro Sweethearts

May 5, 2010

“Christina has a love for all things vintage.” photographer Krys told me when she sent over Christina & CW’s engagement session. “She says, “if it looks old, I love it”, so we were on the same page with the idea of old buildings, rust, chipped bricks, and whatever else we could find in DeLand, FL where we had their engagement shoot. Christina and CW are definitely an amazing couple to work with. Not only were they down for anything I threw at them, they were amazing models as well (they also didn’t mind at all when I dropped an F-bomb or two). Christina wore a cute red swing dress with a sweet heart  top and electric blue wedges (later some vintage white wedges with an ankle strap). Too cute. CW, or C-Dub as I have nicknamed him, wore a western shirt and cowboy boots. This shoot was inspired by The Notebook, the south, and turning an ugly setting into prettiness.”


Thanks to Krys for sharing this beautiful shoot with us

Credit: Krys Melo Photography