Multi-Coloured Skittle-Fest

Bright colours at weddings make me smile. We actually had a black & white themed wedding ourselves, but if we were to do it again (it feels like I’m always saying this!) a multi-coloured skittle-fest might well be the way we’d do it.

“Andy & Colleen met at a rock festival several years ago” photographer John told me. “For the wedding, Colleen wanted to incorporate lots of color.  She didn’t want to limit her options and therefore decided on a ‘Skittles’ theme.”

The couple wanted to add bright splashes of colour wherever they could and chose to have all bridesmaids wear different styles and colours of dresses.  The cake may be one of my new favourites to date – have you ever seen anything so spectacularly awesome?! It was made by Icing Dreams who helped bring Colleen’s design and vision to life. 

“Planning a wedding that was different and unique was my top priority” Colleen explained. “It started with my choice of crazy daisies for our flowers, and the girls agreeing to wear yellow and orange! Then came the crazy colorful invitations, which then morphed into the cake design and so on. I’ve been in other weddings and there is nothing worse than a bad bridesmaid dress. I feel like you all get lumped together and judged on who wears it best. I didn’t want that for my girls, or expensive one-time use tux rentals for the guys. We decided each of them could get their own attire as long as they followed our guidelines. It all came together perfectly in the end and we couldn’t be happier.”

Amazing! Thanks to John for sharing this wedding. Be sure to check out the full vendor list below the images

Credit: John Sharpe Photography
Venue/Catering: Mi Famigilia
Dress: St Cloud Bridal Outlet
Bride’s Shoes: JCPenney
Flowers: Friend of Bride
Bridemaid Dresses: David’s Bridal and Mestads
Guitar Pick Favours:  Pick Guy
Cake: Icing Dreams
Band: Nelson Flavor


  1. absolutely stunning. i love the groomsmens ties, coordinated so beautifully with the colorful dresses. that cake IS incredible!

  2. Desiree

    I love that it looks stunningly simple, yet totally unique. I checked out the pick guy website and they’re totally affordable! What a great idea!

    That musical wall that they have in a few of their pictures is an incredible find! What a backdrop for some beautiful, colourful pictures!

  3. emma

    im gettin married nxt year and i had thought of doin ths but sum people had bein tryin 2 put me of but i love the idea and thought i would check if any1 else had dun it!!!ur pics are gorg and am so happy that iv seen wat i want 2 do and it looks so gd!!!!congrats and ur pics hav helpd me loads!!!x

  4. Laura

    People have tried to put me off this idea too, but I’m sticking to my guns on this one, it looks amazing! xx

  5. Kathy Hartman

    Love your wedding! So cute! I did guitar picks at my wedding as well. I did a full color design of 2 birds kissing on a pearl type guitar pick. I got my custom guitar picks from They were great to use. I love your cake it is so amazing! Looks like you all had a blast! Love it! -Kathy


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