Brighton Rock n Roll

There are a select few UK photographers that I truly love and I think Pippa Mackenzie may be joining that group. I fell in love with her relaxed, documentary inspired style and couldn’t wait to share this rockin’ Brighton engagement session with you. “Natalie & James live in Surrey, and often hang out in Brighton” Pippa told me. “They are young, quirky and very successful property developers. They are such a cool, hip and fun loving couple and we wanted to really capture their characters in their e-Shoot. They had a few costume changes for the shoot to contrast the beach shots with classy rock n roll amongst the Brighton Lanes. We thought the edgy surroundings of Brighton really complimented their characters.”

You can check out Pippa & Ian’s ‘At Work’ video which includes a little film around this actual shoot right here. I love it! Damn that’s another photographer on my list that I want to be shot by!

Thanks to Pippa & husband Ian for sharing this wonderful shoot with us today.

Credit: Pippa MackenziePhotography


  1. Those photos are fabulous! I love the couple’s style, they look so comfortable with each other and stunning in front of the camera. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love Pippa Mackenzie’s work and the albums are just stunning, I’ve seen this couples wedding one and it’s absolutely fab!


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