A Rare Day Off for the Rock n Roll Bride!

Today is my birthday so I’m taking a rare (and I hope you’ll agree – well deserved) day off from blogging, emails, twitter… all that jazz (well I may pop by twitter – let’s not be rash with our decisions here.) I’ll be back and raring to go tomorrow – but until then, here’s a little sneaky peek of what you can expect on my return…shaaaweeeet huh?!


  1. Happy birthday Kat! Enjoy your very deserved day off, looking forward to the treats install for tomorrow.

  2. Happy Birthday to you Kat..:)
    I came across your blog today and got to know that its your birthday..what a coincidence..
    I would love to send you a birthday gift from my jewelry shop..


  3. Hope the bartday was a big blast for yah Kat!
    You deserve all the blessings you can get….coz you are yourself a blessing! =)


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