I Love Rock n Roll (Bride) – The Movie!


Anyone that knows me will know that I’m terrible at keeping secrets…so this has been very very hard for me to keep schtum!

Last week I got an email from Richard of FX Films (based in Oxford) asking if he could pop round and make a little film about little me. Of course I jumped at the chance – I am a big show off after all! Stand by and prepare yourself for some serious awesome. Richard is an actual genius – he made me look so good and the music choice is utterly perfect!

The only thing I stipulated was that Henry & Rachel my Maine Coon kitties were in it (and they stole the show didn’t they?!) Oh the cute… So here’s me on a ‘normal day’ – getting up, kittens, make up, blogging, shoes, car (I love my car!) and hanging out in the park. So. Much. Fun.

If you’re on the lookout for a funky, fun filmmaker for your wedding, engagement shoot, save the date etc then be sure to go check out his website (and his awesome blog post about the day.) I can not rave enough how much fun this day was and how easy he was to work with.

Enjoy!! I can’t wait to hear your comments…go on, make me happieeee!

The Inspirational Series: Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride from FX Films on Vimeo.

And some funny stills from the film: (after the jump)


  1. can’t even begin to tell you how much i enjoyed editing (and filming) this one…even if you did whack me round the face while you were swinging on those hoops…it’s ok, i forgive you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Rock’n’Roll Bride – you’re a legend. (but not as much as Henry and Rachel!)

  2. katie

    RnR Bride – this was awesome. such good quality! love the outfit, kitty and your twins!

  3. Ahhhhh!!! I didn’t think it was possible for to you could get anymore rad, but yeah, this video just rocketed you to rad elite status. I’m giving partial credit to the maine coons though… ๐Ÿ˜‰ fuck they are so adorable i’m pissing myself!

  4. Quite literally brightened up what has otherwise been a VERY sucky day. Fab film Kat, looking hot as always. And if you and RocknRollGroom ever go on holiday and need a cat-sitter, I’m more than happy to look after those little tigers!

  5. Angie

    Shut.UP!!! Amazing. You look gorgeous, the film is great and I want to come steal your kittehs!

  6. Emma

    oh my good god… that’s brilliant!!! I can’t believe your hair looks even brighter, its like a beacon for all that should be right in the world!!!

    I must munch your kittens too, om nom nom…so edible!! Love it ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I think I might love your video…like a lot. Like more than I love boiled eggs and I really love boiled eggs.

    Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

  8. This is AWESOME! It looks like you guys were having wayyy too much fun! Oh and, love your kitties…. SO freakin’ adorable!

    Definitely a fun surprise. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Ok, I’m jealous. Totally whacky but so much fun, fun, fun. Did think we may just hear Joan Jet and the Blackhearts before the off, but love it, love it, love it.
    You just rock!!

  10. Dear Kat~
    Just a thought, I’m writing because I love your site + totally resonate with what you do for do-it-yourselfers and creative couples!

    You have a lot of friends in the comments above giving you unequivocal kudoes, pls. bear with me as I present some constructive criticism… because I would love to see it be all it could be to promote you as you deserve!

    There is good material here for a great promo piece but way too footage much presented in this cut. It would communicate the essence of you ‘coolness’ so much better with a tighter edit. Pick one song for example…(maybe part of the ‘i love rock ‘n roll’ song ? and edit the footage it down to 30-45 sec…1 min at the very most. Leave ’em wanting more! :*)

    As a promotional piece, it seems too long right now and not focused enough on one theme/story ( i.e, reveal of your brand). It could be so much more powerful and communicate who you are much more effectively if it was edited down to about 1/5th of the length it is now.

    Anyway, hope this helps! Again, really LOVE your blog and what you do. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. while I appreciate your somments AJ I am well aware how long a promo vt or showreel should be as I actually work in TV for my ‘day job’. This was not made for that purpose and was really just for fun and to share with my readers here…we wanted to make a ‘day in the life’ style of film and just have fun with it…which we did!

  12. Dear Kitty Kat,

    My dear friend Crystal and I just watched your video and we think its awesome. Purrrfect in everyway. It really showcases you! I myself love your cat(s) cameos and your tiara.

    Love your blog, and style. You are one creative Kat!

    XO Lisa of Ophelia Photography and her dear friend Crystal.

    Canada loves you!


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