Under the Spotlight – JoAnne Dunn

February 23, 2010


Oh yeah baby, I am excited about this post! As I’m sure most of you will have seen and loved, I blogged this amazing punk-rock inspired shoot last week photographed by the amazing Italian photographer JoAnne Dunn. Not only am I the luckiest blogger in the whole of blog-land to have been able to share them with you (can you tell – I really really loved them!?) but JoAnne has also been lovely enough to let me interview her for your reading pleasure. OK enough gushing now, let’s get on with the show…

Who are you and what do you do?

JoAnne Dunn – personal photographer and part time match maker

Where are you based and what cities/countries are you available to for work in?

The globe


What are Italian weddings like?

Italian weddings are serious affairs and many people wear black. They do not have speeches and there is not always dancing. They give small gifts to their guest to say thank you. The main activity during Italian weddings is eating. There can be up to ten courses with lemon sorbet between the fish and meat. Need I say more? There are exceptions to this rule. And this summer I finally went to a few Italian weddings which were a huge amount of fun.

For quite a few years now I have preferred not to do Italian weddings. Just because they were sometimes a little too formal and dry. Everyone seemed annoyed to be attending, even the bride and groom. But lately I have found there to be a new hybrid of Italian brides on the loose. She is over the ringlets and eating. And she has an absolute ball on her wedding day. She encourages dancing with beautiful Brazilian dancers and by having a good time herself. More and more they are choosing informal venues, even venues which you get to by boat.


Are most of your weddings destination to Italy or locals? How do the weddings differ?

Five years ago I did 90% foreigners who came to Italy to get married. I did very few Italian weddings because they just did not get me. Fortunately they got me just in time as the crisis hit. I now do about 40% foreigners and the rest are about of enthusiastic Italians. Who would have imagined. We shoot the whole of Italy and do a couple in Greece every year. Weddings are very important to Italians and their view how weddings should be have completely changed. I also make an eccentric addition to their wedding.


Who/what are your biggest influences? Whose work do you really admire?

Not too long ago wedding photography was absolutely the most uncool and lowly photography career you could ever choose. Many photography students have sworn on their dog’s grave never to stoop to such levels. I am one such student who now has to eat her words.

Thanks to the great Joe Buissink, all that has now changed. Twelve years ago Joe Buissink showed the wedding world a new fresh approach to wedding photography. The man took exception to being paid less than what was paid for the cake since the photography was the only investment, which lasts past the wedding day. He introduced the world to reportage and gave little thought to traditional rules of wedding photography.

His work also includes reportage images but his focus is once again on the portrait side of wedding photography and although he has this in common with the cheesy wedding photographers from the eighties, the similarities stop there. His work is fresh and exciting. Finally a breath of fresh air for wedding photography which had been so concentrated on being natural and obeying rules that it had gotten way too serious and rigid. All of a sudden everybody who worked in the wedding industry realised wedding photography was the place to be.


How would you describe your style and photography?

Your wedding is one of the most treasured and special events in your life, filled with emotional, meaningful and candid moments. Yet this day often slips by so quickly it can seem like a blur. Professional wedding photography can help keep the memories fresh and allow you to travel back, at any time, to the magic of that day. It can even capture the moments you missed. At JoAnne Dunn Photography, we will treat each wedding as a unique commission tailored to your unique desires and needs. Capture the spontaneity, emotion and detail of your wedding using a mixture of reportage photography and portrait style. Work quickly and unobtrusively to allow you to enjoy your day. Use modern, top of the range digital retouching to bring out the best in your photographs. Bind your most treasured memories into a luxury album that, one day, you can show your grandchildren.

I am very influenced by fashion and fine art photography. But my photography is an intimate investigation of my subjects. It’s dynamic and does not limit itself by classifying it’s self. It’s hard to explain but I feel like I am just an instrument and if I want really good pictures I need to get out of the way and not try to control the process. Creatives describe the process as being in “the zone”. The only place artists are happy. I do not do photography to get a name or rich, I do it because when I am in the zone I am so happy and the pictures create themselves. I am just have to be looking and seeing. Not sure if this makes sense. I am hugely influenced by a Book called “the artist’s way” by Julia Cameron.


Your style is very fashion led. Is this your background? How did you make the transformation from fashion to weddings?

Finally after reportage, fashion photography has made it’s way to wedding photography. I love doing fashion photography, it’s so easy compared to wedding photography.

Lets look at how a fashion shoot is shot. First all the models get up really early. Hair and make up is done. A stylist organises props and wardrobe and the photographer sets up the location. They get to use big flashes with delicious light boxes or ring flashes, which would have your guests in hysterics. They use large format cameras which are bigger, shooting huge files and are not practical for reportage. They test light and make their assistant run around and get coffee. The models are co-operative and gorgeous and they have complete control over the light. The Photographer has also the whole day or more. They do a test shoot check it out on their lap top and make a few changes. A team works towards getting a maximum of twelve or so final shots over one or two days. Everything is carefully checked and controlled. I think you get the point. Oh and I forgot to mention that there is often very generous catering provided.

Let’s see how different shooting a wedding can be. The bride and groom are not always models and often uncooperative. There is very little time and so many people try to impose limitations and demands on the photographer. From a demanding mother to the angry priest. All the while they have to keep their cool, get all thirty six groups in half an hour, convince the bride she is gorgeous and cajole the groom into posing his nose for his sake and the list goes on and on.

All this has to be done without ruining the mood of the day. It’s very testing and emotionally draining. For every bride it’s the most important day ever and even after hundreds of wedding it has to be as exciting as the first time for the photographer. Always the same rituals not often many surprises but the pictures have to be creative and fresh with no art director to give ideas. You have to get at least one hundred amazing shots in a very limited time with no control over subject or light. Not time for testing or controlling. All this while trying not to be invasive or make it obvious that you have been working for eight hours and no one thought to feed you.

I think it’s safe to say that a fashion photographer would find a wedding very hard to shoot and a wedding photographer would find a fashion shoot ridiculously easy.


So why do weddings?

They are a huge amount of fun. They are challenging, involve travel and eating the most amazing food. You meet amazing people, there is less competition compared to fashion photography. There is allot of work available and financially it makes sense.

Your photo shoots and editorial are amazing! Is this your biggest passion? How do you bring this into your wedding work?

Why thank you ma’m. I love shooting. Everything from landscapes, details, portraits, concept … anything, as long as I am hunting and the more I have to suffer to get the shot the more I love it. I love the process, the capacity it gives me to look and stay in the present moment. The zen of it all. I love making girls happy and weddings are so much more real than fashion. I do a bit of fashion to show brides I can and although I should probably be ashamed to say it; I love wedding photography. When I bride is willing to fly me to around the world, treat me like a VIP, I party, get in the zone, eat, dance, laugh and cry and have a long list of special girls in white who I will never forget. Fashion is easy but right now I love being a wedding photographer with all it’s creative freedom and indulgences.

Most girls fantasise about a traditional white wedding dress. But when it comes to wedding photography many would prefer images that look less like the classical wedding photos of their parents, and more like the fashion spreads of the glossy magazines that they have loved since they were little. Images that express something more than the run of the mill—something a bit more mysterious and sexy.

At JoAnne Dunn Photography, we offer couples the option of booking a fashion-like shoot where we break all the rules of wedding photography. There will be only one purpose: making you look beautiful.

Our fashion shoot service appeals to couples that are eloping for their wedding, and for whom the photography might be the most important investment. It also appeals to trendy, fashionable or funky couples that cringe at the thought of classic romantic wedding photography. The shoots are usually a huge amount of fun and the couple’s input is very important to the planning and execution. An open mind, the willingness to play and a little cooperation will guarantee a truly unique collection of photographs.

Secretly if I could make a living from only doing boudoir or pin up I would be the happiest chicken to ever hatch. The only truly frustrating part is that my best pictures I can’t show anyone because my brides don’t want to show them to anyone (well i suppose they did go and get themselves married.)  In my earlier years I shot a lot of portfolio’s for strippers in London… big fun that was. If I ever gave up weddings I would specialise in boudoir and pin up.


Do you have an ethos or manta to which you stand by in regards to your photography?

Personal Fusion Photography – the punk of wedding photography – I like to mix different styles and genre’s of photography to create something my client would love. As individual as my client and disregarding the old rules of wedding photography. We hope to someday be the Vivienne Westwood of wedding photography.

Every bride wants to be beautiful and individual, its my mission to surprise them with just how beautiful they are… and that I “got” the essence of their personality.

Each and every time a bride has ever had a nuclear melt down it has been because she did not like something about her appearance. She may have tried to cover up seeking a scapegoat like the colour of the flowers but nearly always it’s because of insecurity. Brides fantasise about how they will look down to the finest details. In fantasies things can be perfect and in reality they cannot. Naturally this nearly leads to great disappointment. Every bride, even if she will not admit it, wants to be perfectly beautiful.


What or who made you get into photography? How did you get into photographing weddings?

I have been doing photography since I was fifteen since I went to the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg. Started shooting babies and models within a year. I have worked in advertising, for magazines and as a fine artist. Then I came to Italy and a wedding photographer needed an English speaker for foreign clients. I was amazed how much I enjoyed it. There was virtually no competition and with my background I found that brides liked my images. Who would have imaged someone would fly me to a party, I would get to do what I loved and they would then pay me to do so? I am not a wedding photographer who is waiting to doing some other kind of photography, I love being a wedding photographer.


Who are your perfect clients?

Clients who are willing to “play” with me (sounds kinky) and be party of the creative process. I just do not cope with Bridezilla. It’s difficult to make someone beautiful who is behaving badly.

I know you are saying, “So what, I find you get what you ask for and there is nothing wrong with wanting the best.” But the truth is… behave like this and you will get mediocre service, be stressed and exhausted and you will ruin your day. You won’t sleep the night before. You will have dark rings under your eyes. You will have a terrible time and your guests will notice. Everything will seem wrong and you will forget why you are there in the first place.


What do you love about weddings?

The stress The pressure The excitement The emotion The happiness The tears The flowers The food The love The family The party The music The travelling

Basically everything. I love a challenge, I only do things which surprise me when the pressure is on.


What do you hate about weddings?

During wedding season I see very little of my little guy who is three. But wedding season is only five months but I miss him so much.

What do you think makes a great Rock n Roll wedding?

The bride has to be a rocker and then just has to be herself. The whole rockabilly thing has become very fashionable and trendy, but it’s just not something you can fake. I think by definition the couple would be rebellious on many levels and there would have to be allot of noise.
Solo guitar player during ceremony
The venue is everything and  somewhere with a stage. What would a Rock n Roll wedding be without a Rock n Roll band?
The bride & the groom’s personalities should be reflected in the details.
There should be mostly young guests and the venue should allow for late partying. I think a club, museum, old desanctified church or a funky marquee would be the first venues which come to mind.


What do you think makes a great Rock n Roll photographer?

I think a couple should make sure that a photographer gets them, understands their taste and style. They will need energy and be open to new ideas. Be prepared to rock with the clients. As a general rule of thumb, if you would not mind spending an evening partying with your photographer, the chances are they are for you.

Tell me a little about your favourite wedding ever and why?

Absolutely way too hard, I have shot close to five hundred weddings, it would be impossible.


What would you say your greatest achievement has been to date?

My son, my marriage – the hardest to get right but the most special

If you could photograph anybody’s wedding whose would it be and why?

Anyone who would be getting married in the Maldives! I have shot a few footballers (including Nester) and I find the VIP weddings really hard. Too many paparazzi who try to pinch my bag and not much time to work. I love shooting wild women who know how to have fun. I LOVE eccentric people and I love shooting artists since they usually understand being “in the zone”.

I would also love to do a lesbian wedding in LA – vintage and a lot of tattoos. Or a wedding in Goa  with three days of petals falling from above.


What advice would you have for couple’s on the wedding photographer hunt? What is a sign of a good/bad wedding photographer?

A checklist when hiring a wedding photographer

1 check references by phone and email

2. See individual wedding albums not just portfolios, it’s easy to do a good portfolio but hard to produce lots of good images on one day.

3. Look around and compare to be sure of your choice

4. Make sure they offer you a binding contract

5. Make sure you know who will shoot your wedding and see images shot by that person

6. Ask other service providers what they think of the photographer; usually where there is smoke there is fire

7. Do not hire someone rude or arrogant, it will ruin your day

8. Look for someone kind, charming, gentile and sensitive

9. It’s often better to have a photographer who speaks your language or at least speak theirs, communication is essential

10. Look for a photographer who is interested in your ideas and is flexible with his/her style

11. Remember photographers who offer large discounts and highly reduced rates are not working a lot. This could be that they are very talented and just starting out. In which case you are lucky. But usually it means they don’t have bookings.

Good photographers limit the number of weddings they do each year and so book up quickly. Make sure you do your research fast and don’t leave it till the last minute. I often get calls from desperate brides who have left things for the last minute and can’t find ANY photographer at all. If you book a year in advance you will find that may get better prices since the prices often increase the next year. Make sure you choose well and you are sure. Once you are sure about your choice make sure you get a deposit paid and a contract signed. Then you can be relaxed about the most important investment of the day. Because it’s the most important investment of the day it should be the first one you take care of.

The relationship the photographer has with their subject will hugely influence the results of the shoot. Basically if your photographer can’t bear you, then their pictures will reflect that. This can be used to your advantage, taking the time to bond with your photographer before or on the day will radically improve your pictures. Never choose someone who you feel you can’t trust. Trust is vital if you are to be yourself in front of the lense. Because you will need to let your photographer into your world and because you will need to follow their suggestions, you will need to trust them. So it’s a two way street, you have to also really like and trust your photographer to get great pictures.


What has been the highlight of your career as a wedding photographer so far?

This year a twenty six year old guest asked me to  have sex with him … no seriously he did… anyway, it all feels like a dream I had up. Right now I have a little nibble from a client who wants to fly me to Mykonos on a private plan (aren’t those things more dangerous than the already terrifying kind) and when my first wedding got published… my book on Ravello gets published next month… soccer player and Belgium Royalty client… photographer client or being flown to Milan which must have some of the best photographers in the world available…my first booking in Venice… my first international booking… not really one for achievements. I have bought a small piece of land with a 300 year old ruin on it which I will convert into my home. It’s in Ravello, my favorite town in the whole world and this would be the embodiment of my greatest achievements.


What role (if at all) have wedding blogs played in promoting you and your work so far?

I have a blog, which give technical advice to brides about getting married. My advertising on the web guy suggested I started it to get more traffic. He makes me write 75 words a day with no out links. Which means it just has to be my thoughts and pictures… everyday. Well I do a month’s worth and hand it over but it has become a useful tool to educate brides. Especially those far away I don’t get to spend much time with and having being to so many weddings I found I actually had a few things to say. It’s not NEARLY as GORGEOUS as yours (haha thanks love!) but it’s useful… if only to quieten my thoughts.

Do you have any advice for budding photographers out there who want to get into weddings?

Shoot when ever possible, take any photography job and just keep shooting. Study & Read & look – technology moves fast keep up. Photoshop – be an ace. Make sure you enjoy it and you will be good.


What can we expect from you in 2010?

Like every year I hope to make it through to the other side of the wedding season in one peace. Sixty weddings in 5 months can wear you out.

What are your goals and aspirations when it comes to your photography?

I have a zen approach to my career. I would never have chosen wedding photography. Was I wrong! So I hope to stay out of the way and see where this all goes. It’s been beyond my wildest dreams so far, so I would never interrupt since who ever is in charge is doing such a brilliant job. I like the idea of following the stream (to conserve energy) instead of fighting to swim up stream.


See, didn’t I tell you she was fabulous? If you want to see more of JoAnne’s awesome work, go check out her site, like now. You can contact JoAnne via email on joanne@joannedunn.it

If you are a photographer or wedding vendor and are interested in being featured in a future ‘Under the Spotlight’ post then drop me an email for all the info.



  1. Andrea Hill

    On the questions section, can you add not to presume anything and to remind the designer of important things too please? I presumed that my dress was empire line from the pictures I’d seen, but I was wrong. This was a massive deal as I’d also told her there was a big possibility I could be pregnant and showing at the time of the wedding (we knew when we were planning to start trying) and if she could accommodate for that. I didn’t check or remind her and the dress wouldn’t go near me by the wedding. I ended up with a £20 stretchy dress from a high street sale, and I’ve got a £1800 black wedding dress in my wardrobe that I may never ever wear!

  2. I ordered my wedding dress from China off ebay and unfortunately it just didn’t come. I chose a seller with over 300 positive reviews and was devastated when it didn’t arrive.

    Two months before the wedding I ended up having to buy something from the High Street, my stress levels were sky high and I was so upset that my dream dress became a nightmare.

    I would recommend giving yourself enough time that if it doesn’t arrive, you still have time to buy something else.


  3. I purchased my 50s-style dress online from Honeypie Boutique – the company is based and managed in the UK but the dresses are made in China (I think…somewhere abroad anyway!). This was perfect for me as I didn’t have to worry about communicating directly with a designer in China; someone in the UK who already has an established relationship with the Chinese staff did all that for me. Customer service and fabric swatches were all dealt with from the UK too. My dress cost less than £160 including delivery (which took about 8 weeks) and I couldn’t have been happier with it! It was so well made, and suited and fitted me perfectly – I actually preferred it to a similar dress I tried on at a wedding fair that cost over £1500! One tip I would add when buying a dress online is to go for a lace-up back rather than a zip – if you do happen to get your measurements slightly wrong, or put on/lose weight then a zip closure will need to be professionally adjusted, whereas with a lace up back you can simply tighten or slacken the back!

  4. Excellent advice Kat! My favourite is when you say “If you wear a certain style a lot, it’s probably because you feel good in it! This should be the basis for your wedding dress too” I see so many brides choosing styles that are ‘in’ right now or that their Mum thinks ‘will suit their body type’, but really on their wedding day every bride should look like themselves, only at their most beautiful!

  5. claire palmer

    I bought my dress from ebay. It is a genuine Ian Stuart, never worn, ex sample bought from a store that was changing suppliers.
    It is immaculate, and cost £750 instead of £2750…there is NO WAY I could have afforded the full price, but this way i have my dream dress.
    I would say if you know what you want, look for a sample!!

  6. Victoria

    I bought my dress from Honeypie Boutique and can definitely recommend. Dress was excellent quality and delivered within the time frame promised with good communication.
    I did do as much research as possible by looking for reviews on forums and websites similar to this.

  7. CharliRed

    This is such a reassuring blog post and perfectly timed – I literally, days ago, pressed ‘purchase’ on my custom-made wedding dress from an Etsy store. It was something that I had agonised about for a long time and I am pleased that I plucked up the courage to go for it, but I am still at the very start of the journey so fingers crossed! I had my measurements taken professionally and I have definitely budgeted for alterations. I hope that I have left plenty of time (wedding is in April). I tried on similar dresses in bridal stores so that I felt confident that the style suited me, but I loved the fact that I could add extra features to really make it mine (yes, covered buttons going all the way down the train, I’m talking about you :)…)
    The store that I decided on has excellent reviews and I have been thrilled with the level (and speed) of our correspondence back and forth so far. She also has a gallery of photos of her real brides, as well as the pictures on the mannequins.
    I really love how your two dresses turned out and you look stunning – here’s hoping that I have a similarly successful experience!!

  8. Aluka

    I think the first thing I did after I got engaged was to search for a dress. I knew two things: 1) I didn’t want the typical wedding dress (we call them “cake dresses” in my country, big and puffy), and 2) my budget was very, very small. I obsessed for many months looking for the PERFFECT dress online, mainly in the US because that´s closer to my country, Costa Rica, than the UK or China. I could have rented the dress, but it would have been traditional dress anyhow.
    I finally found one in Nordstrom, an Isaac Mizrahi, tea-length dress in ivory. A little over my budget. Anyway, I looked for it in eBay and found it, new with tags at a way-lower price. The first time I attempted to purchase it, I saw pictures taken by the seller, which of course look more realistic than the ones at a catalog in an online store. I was dissapointed with the shine factor of the fabric and didn’t purchase it. I spent another week obsessing with the dress and looking for another one, but I couldn´t get it out of my head. So I bought it, well, I bid on it and got it… for $40!!!! (real retail price was $170). Luckily I sized down and it fits me perfectly, although I was nervous about that factor. The fabric is amazing, actually, and it looks very high-end. Buying a dress online without a proper fit can be risky, but you can find a little gem!!

  9. Kirra

    One other thing I’d say to include is to beware of customs duty payable on delivery if buying online from places like the USA. I bought my dress from BHLDN in their sale and was hoping it would be the one but knew I could return it if not as it was off the rack rather than custom made. The dress cost just over £700 and when it arrived we had to pay £277 in customs duty!!!! With our wedding only having a £5K budget that was a huge shock and meant that if I had to return it we would have lost quite a bit of moolah. Luckily it was good enough that I kept it, but in all honesty if there hadn’t been the customs duty I probably would have returned it and kept looking for my dream dress. We decided to just go with it and it all worked out ok but this isn’t something that gets mentioned and can really catch brides out… I wish someone had told me!

  10. angelina

    I bought my dress from an online company inspirationbridal.co.uk they are based in manchester. Im really happy with it they did a fantastic job and made it the way i wanted. Al for under 400euro. Fits perfectly 🙂

  11. See, I’m worried about my dress. I bought it in a sample sale at a lovely bridal shop reduced from £1,100 to £350. It’s a bit big and will need alterations that I’ve no idea will even be possible! After doing a bit of research online I’ve found it on a few foreign sites reduced from 600 to 200 (all made to measure) and feel gutted! I’ve managed to convince myself my dress looks
    Cheap now – and I’m sure I wouldn’t have thought that before but I’ve ruined myself! It seems some bridal stores use the foreign suppliers… Hmm!

    …. Tell me if it looks cheap? Panicker! 😉

  12. Poppy Rock-it

    I saw my dress on the sale rail of a bridal shop, the rails of white puffy things freaked me out and I tried on a sale one for a laugh, in a style I would never have thought I would like, but it is SO all about how it makes you feel, I feel like da bomb in it, and when we get around to the wedding I can’t wait to show it to everyone!

  13. Angela ruthven

    I’ve just received my custom made dress from China and for the price it’s amazing. Nothing I could have ever afforded from a bridal shop.

    Kat, where is your belt from? I want!

  14. Dear Kate, Thanks for your recommendation, Adorona will pay more attentions to your suggestions, and improve fabric quality as nice as a bridal boutique. It’s Adorona’s goal to design beautiful dress with affordable price.

    Davie from Adorona

  15. Hi, guys I am Isaac from South Africa, I want to order a wedding dress online, but I’m really not sure or affraid to do so as it will be my first time to buy online,how genuine is this online shopping from other country?. I want ot buy her the from Ebay company. Please guys I need help.

  16. Anne

    Maybe most of us have heard tons of negative complaints about Chinese wedding dress, however to picking out the reputable manufacturer online is really hard. Beware when you can’t find the really address and original dress at their website, not wanna receive the terrible gown, you should be more patient. At last, recommend Jueshe UK (I had bought one evening dress, although their pics are really ugly LOL)

  17. Penny

    Thank you so much for this! I’m going dress shopping on Friday just to try styles on and then to look online for my dream dress. My Mum has been worried about buying online because of the material, but thanks to this I know what to look out for and to ask for samples.
    & Thanks to the people who have recommended sites. I much prefer recommendations than going on a whim!

  18. Rosanne

    Has anyone got ant experience in buying dresses from kitty and dulcie? I’ve fallen in love with their dresses but don’t want to end up with something that looks and feels cheap

  19. Joey

    My husband just ordered from adorona and I’m really hoping that it comes out the way we’re hoping for.

  20. Jaimee

    I ordered my gown from an Australian online bridal shop called LillyBridal.

    They were SO SO helpful and their prices were great, i paid about £500 and the gown arrived last week. I was so pleasantly surprised at how well made and the quality of the fabrics were. My gown looks stunning and they even allowed me to customise the back of my gown to include an illusion high lace back for no additional costs!!

  21. This is the most most neutral most sensible advice for bride-to-be about wedding dresses online i have ever read.Before i bought my dress from China,i have heard so much terrible stories of china cheap bad dresses online.I have summarized they all paid no than 300 dollars for a designer replica dress.My college friend Jessica has bought a ball dress from Only love wedding dresses(Only Love Bridal Boutique)in 2013 about 460 dollars.The result is that her dress help her got so much praise,boutique one.So when i shopping for my wedding gown ,she recommended that shop to me.And before ordering i have taken one week to contact with the seller,because they have changed the website address.I will write my story and the dress after honeymoon.
    One sentence to say,be careful when you shopping online,do not expect expensive at cheap price,that’s a joke!

  22. Maggie

    I love your look, great choices! My mom saw a beautiful gown on lightinabox for $800 which she mentioned to me but I didn’t give it much thought(skeptical). She ended up purchasing the dress after the price was slashed to around $350, still turning a side eye because it was coming from China, I decided to look into the company’s reviews & ratings(😳)….Well the dress showed up and my mom, who is very picky, said it was beautiful! I finally saw the dress and was completely and pleasantly surprised 😀Beautiful & the material was nice & thick….Well I will see the end of the matter when the dress goes on😀Thanks for the great tips!

  23. Kristen Beebe

    Hi thanks for posting. You look great!

    I was thinking of getting my wedding dress at adorona and I was wondering if you know anything about their return policy? It says on their website they accept returns if you are not 100% satisfied but I’m wary to trust it since I’ve heard horror stories about many other similar sites where they refused to accept a return.


  24. Great article. Nowadays, everyone prefer to buy wedding dresses online because online store offers a huge variety and style. Thanks for sharing such great post with us.

  25. Jeanette

    Hi! Great tips! I have searched on Aliexpress for 2 years and the review pictures is always crap. But 1 store has great dresses! When you order a princess ball gown weddingdress you actually GET a ballgown puffy dress and not A-line , and you do GET the 10 layers with tulle and satin, not 2-3.
    Their dresses are GORGEOUS! Their price are double the usual ebay/aliexpress price, but you get a dress you CAN wear and not some crappy dress.

    I use aliexpress app, so don’t have the link but the store is Amanda Novias Wedding Dress. (On aliexpress)

    Sincerly ,

  26. Hi KAT!

    WOW, what is that purle dress, please? 😀 Where did you buy it? I came here for tricks and tips when it comes to buying a bridal dress online (got it, thanks :)), but it looks so great, now I need to see it 🙂 thanks, L

  27. Louise

    I have seen several beautiful dresses on Light in the Box,at very reasonable prices but am skeptical about ordering. Would love to hear from anyone who has ordered from them and to hear their experience. I am on a very tight budget but want to find a unique dress… not Gown at a reasonable price. HELP and thanks.

  28. Tina

    Just ordered my dress online and sent in my measurements and even asked them to do a custom neckline, fingers crossed haha. Also I want to add, find a website that has reviews with pictures of real customers wearing their dress so you can see how it will look on someone more than a size zero model 😉


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