Quintessentially English

This cute West London engagement shoot delighted me ever so much as I work very near here – in fact I drive past the modern building featured in some of the shots everyday and think how much nicer it looks than the studios where I work…and aren’t Sarah-Jane & Mitul just adorable?I thought my American readers in particular would love the old buildings in some of the other shoots… here in the UK we’re used to old churches and the terraced houses…very quintessentially English huh? 


Thanks to Laura for sharing these

Credit: Lollypop Photography


  1. Elesha

    Love the striking red coat – gorgeous!

    England can be as beautiful as anywhere, and captured so well by these images 🙂

  2. LOL – it’s a small world!!! ^_^ if I see a pink-haired beauty on my way to/from work then there’s a good chance it’s gonna be you!

  3. Post author

    weirdly theres a pink haired girl that goes to the music school opposite my work apparantly (although ive never seen her!) but if you do see me defo to come say hi! (it would be particualrly funny if i was from someone from work – ‘omg your kat from rock n roll bride’ haha i would look very cool and super famous haha)

  4. Post author

    haha maybe…we’ll ive never seen her 😛 I think she may be made up to make me jealous! omg i saw another girl today when i was out shopping who had pink hair and we both kinda looked at each other and obv acknowledged the fact that we were both pink but i was kinda weird!


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