Pretty. Gritty. Daring.

February 12, 2010

Melanie’s bride shoot has a fabulously sexy feel, especially with the contrast between herself and the derelict locations. Her dress was by Chic Star and was not actually a wedding dress but doesn’t it look wonderful for the photo shoot?

“The venue was an old abandoned warehouse yard and some near by deserted railroad tracks” photographer Keira told me.
“The theme of the shoot was to portray a confident, edgy bride.  She is pictured, alone, amongst an abandoned industrial background that is currently being taken over by nature (lots of prickly brush, vines taking over man made objects, along with pieces of glass and old rusty objects, etc ) The photos are meant to be pretty yet at the same time somewhat gritty and daring.”


Thanks to Keira for sharing this shoot with us

Credit: Keira Lemonis Photography