Italian Style – The Punk of Wedding Photography

I was sent a collection of bridal fashion shoots from Italian photographer Joanne Dunn the other day and I have to say I fell in love immediately.  She describes her work as “personal fusion photography—the punk of wedding photography”, and boy can I see why. These chicks are certainly Rock n Roll baby! 

The Italians are notoriously painfully stylish and ahead of the game and these shots definitely prove that to me – the black and white palate, the crimped hair, the tiered dress  – all scream high fashion bridal style for 2010.

Edit: the stunning dresses were made by local (Italian) dressmaker Giovanna Albano who can be contacted on 0039 081961898 or 0039 335 8004824


Thanks to Joanne for sharing these with me. I look forward to seeing more of you in future!

Credit: Joanne Dunn Photographers


  1. Tiffany

    these shots are sooo beautiful! i love the edits w/ the swirls and other designs- they were subtle, and GORGEOUS!


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