Carnival Crazy

Dina & Gary’s 1920’s vaudeville carnival themed wedding makes me wanna squeal. I wish wish wish we’d done something as fabulous as this when we got hitched. The wedding took place at Asbury Park, New Jersey and the pair really went to town with their theme – from popcorn and candy for the guests, a sideshow performance, goldfish in bowls… in fact everything you might expect to find at a carnival! Dina wore a custom dress (made by a friend) and wore jewellery and carried a candy bouquet made by another friend Melissa Heid.


Just. Wow.

Thanks to Brandi for sharing this awesome day with us. Woooo!

Credit: Brandi Grooms Photography


  1. Pat

    Lovely wedding, but I’m worried to see that Goldfish… many couples choose to exploit animals (like Beta fish) for centerpieces. Those animals get abandoned and usually killed, because not everybody wants to “take one home.” It’s tragic to see people choose to “be trendy” at the expense of defenseless creatures; that’s not “Rock ‘n Roll”, it’s just thoughtless…

  2. in response to pat, i am the sister of the bride and at the end of the night, we made sure that the fish were taken home by people who actually wanted them as pets and we made sure to have bags & bowls ready for easy transport. please don’t judge until you know the full story- a lot of thought DID go into the goldfish- my family would never throw away or kill them after an event. prejudgement isn’t very rock ‘n roll, either. think before you spew.

  3. Wow…awesome wedding…the dress looks awefull…and the party looks very crazy…i love it…good job 😉


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