Enviable Vintage-Cool

January 31, 2010

A cute couple, both us glasses and fabulous fashion with that enviable vintage-cool vibe (the green dress was Amanda’s grandmother’s) rocking it with records and just generally hanging out…I just …yeah, you know I love it.

Amanda & David hopped around different locations throughout the East Side of Milwaukee for their engagement shoot. All of the places they visited had significance to their first date, the first stop being a record store. On their first date, David bought a record “for himself,” which a few months later he gave to Amanda as a gift. She holds it in one of the photos. They also stopped at Comet Cafe, which was where they had lunch together for the first time. They even brought their own favourite coffee cups for the shoot.


Thanks to Miranda & Adam of Reminisce Photography & Design for sharing this shoot

Credit: Reminisce Photography & Design


  1. Patti Wright

    All I can say is AWESOME! Beautiful couple, excellent composition. Jessica, you certainly have a unique, artistic eye for photography. It’s difficult to capture “moments” and you do that brilliantly. The couple looks like they are having a blast despite the hot weather! GREAT job!

  2. Pamela

    Totally Cool! This is an awesome twist to the typical engagement pics that you see and really shows their personality. It looks like so much fun and the photography is excellent. Kassie looks beautiful!

  3. Dave Jenkins

    Best. Wedding. Ever. James and Kassie had the best venue, music, atmosphere, and of course “Catering With a Twist” had the best food and service I’ve ever had at a wedding! Pictures don’t do these two justice and their wedding was one for the ages. I’ll definitely be getting in touch with James & Kassie for tips on my big day and help with catering. Congrats you two!!!

  4. Johnboy, (Papason)

    Yes, you two are the beautiful people. The wedding you put togther was unbelievable. We all had the greatest time. Chrome and I wish you all the greatest of everything. Luv you 2


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