Tattooed Lovelies Trailer Park Love Fest

I’ve got yet another wedding I’ve been waiting with baited breath to share with you as a matter of urgency. Lori & Jason’s funky, punky, trailer part love affair wedding makes me squeal with excitement (especially when I saw the images of the couple getting inked together – hello, so awesome!)


A vintage trailer park called the Shady Dell, a custom pink crinoline peeking out of the wedding gown, and tattoos on the spot are only a few of the awesome details of this wedding in Bisbee, Arizona. Shooting Lori and Jason at the Shady Dell was a blast. Lori looked fabulous in her Stephanie James Couture; it complemented her stunning body art. And the venue only added to mystique of the day; vintage Airstreams were the perfect backdrop for this hip couple who love all things vintage!  And don’t forget the BBQ and potato salad on pick plastic plates!

Thanks to Erin for sharing this fabulousa wedding with us today

Credit: Erin Michelle Photography


  1. Vana

    No way !
    Shady Del is so where we wanted to go for our honeymoon – it is so cool.

    What a fabo idea to have a wedding there.

    Ps : Kat is it too late to elope with you and David in tow lol


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