Let’s Rock!

October 29, 2009

Today I’m going to share a bunch of wedding that quite simply put..ROCK! You’ll know why when you see them. Starting off with guitars, grunge bands and Rocky!

The bride, Lizzie told me all:

 Our favorite bands

The overall theme of our wedding was our favorite music.  Rich and I both love music and we both play guitar.  I play guitar and he plays the drums.  So I was really important to me anyway to incorporate our insane obsession for music as well as keeping it traditional for our family who were providing the funds.  However although our wedding was 2 years ago and unfortunately your site wasn’t around to get awesome ideas from I think we did a pretty good job.  We did not have a guestbook, people signed a guitar which also happened to be blue & brown which was our wedding colors. In one of the pictures attached one of my BM is carrying it into the reception.  Our card box was a floor tom with a hole cut into the drum head.  Our tables where named after our favorite bands,  Hole, Nirvana, Babes in Toyland, Patti Smith just to name a few.  Our favor was a CD of our favorite love songs, Love Buzz – Nirvana – Good Good Things- The Desendants – Because the Night – Patti Smith. Again just to name a few.

Our Bridal Party when they got announced to the reception all came in carrying guitars and walked in to Breed by Nirvana.  They all acted out a rock n roll clique by smashing a guitar and etc.

My cake was Blue with huge polka dots which is just cool in itself if you ask me. We went to Philly to get our picture take the Rocky Statue and I have a lot of really cool pictures from that also.

Thanks to Lizzie & Richie for sharing their Rock n Roll perfect day with us!


Credit: Alison Conklin Photography