Intense. Elation. Ridiculous.

As soon as I laid eyes on James & Rebecca’s Melbourne wedding I knew I wanted to blog it. However with photographer Jonas Peterson so in demand by wedding bloggers I thought for sure that someone had beaten me to it. So imagine my elation this morning when I received a tweet from Jonas who asked if I’d like to be the first to blog them…Well of course!


The wedding took place at the 300m Eureka Tower in Melbourne which proved a challenge for their dear photographer who admits to having a fear of heights! The results are, of course, astounding. Quite apart from the intense photography – the details, her multi-layers dress in the most flattering dark white shade and the gorgeous venue – make this a wedding I am more than proud to share.

Thanks to the ridiculously talented Jonas for sharing these…woooo!

Credit: Jonas Peterson


  1. Penny

    being an aussie girl, I love this wedding good to see some Aus being represented. Loved the alley shots in melbourne. As usual lady rock and roll you post the best weddings.

  2. Az


    Please don’t post anymore of Jonas Peterson’s work….I feel like putting my camera on ebay, and visiting the supermarket to see if they need any more shelf packers on the nightshift.

  3. i’ve just stumbled across jonas.. WOW! do you have any idea how long the wait is for him?!!? i better book now, even though i’m not even engaged hehe


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