Intense. Elation. Ridiculous.

October 21, 2009

As soon as I laid eyes on James & Rebecca’s Melbourne wedding I knew I wanted to blog it. However with photographer Jonas Peterson so in demand by wedding bloggers I thought for sure that someone had beaten me to it. So imagine my elation this morning when I received a tweet from Jonas who asked if I’d like to be the first to blog them…Well of course!


The wedding took place at the 300m Eureka Tower in Melbourne which proved a challenge for their dear photographer who admits to having a fear of heights! The results are, of course, astounding. Quite apart from the intense photography – the details, her multi-layers dress in the most flattering dark white shade and the gorgeous venue – make this a wedding I am more than proud to share.

Thanks to the ridiculously talented Jonas for sharing these…woooo!

Credit: Jonas Peterson