Bow Tied

I have been hoping to post this wedding for what feels like forever and fiiiinally I am able to share the gorgeousness that is these images taken at Bowden Johnson House Thomson, Ga. Devan’s dress was by Mori Lee and her veil was handmade and bought from Etsy….but my favourite bit? Well Tripp and the dog in their bow ties of course!


A huge thanks to Ellie for working with me on this feature! Be sure to check out her blog for the couple’s equally wicked engagements!

Credit: Bird in Hand Photography


  1. OMYG BirdinHand (Ellie) is amazing. I saw her work a long while ago and have been memorized by it ever since. She’s a true photography artist that I hope to see on this blog more often!!

  2. Devan Simons

    ::sigh::This takes my breath away. As the bride, I would like to personally thank you for featuring the best day of our lives! No picture in the world could capture how perfect this day was, but Ellie sure got close! And i would have to agree, Rock’0 gave me a run for my money with his dashing good looks. 🙂


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